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appy New Year! 2016—a year about integrating wisdom, cultivating passion and remaining faithful to our dreams no matter what—presents every opportunity to rise as a star. Are you ready?

Having completed 2015, a challenging astrological cycle, we move into the new year with cultivated sagacity. 2015 ended a demanding three-year crossing between two titans of the cosmos—Uranus and Pluto. Since 2012, these two outer planets made seven exact squares (hard angles), a potent astrological configuration assisting us to revolutionize how we live. Though we can expect these challenging lessons to reverberate, we also look forward to new beginnings too. Especially with Saturn, the planet of determination and spiritual teachings, situated in mutable Sagittarius encouraging us to build our dreams. Even though Saturn intermittently labors with optimistic Jupiter in Virgo, and dreamy Neptune in Pisces in the first half of the year, Saturn in Sagittarius inspires devotion to dream-oriented action. Pluto and Jupiter both in earth signs (until September when Jupiter moves into Libra) work to help us own our power. Uranus and Saturn both in fire signs all year encourage innovative achievements. It’s up to us to dissolve the boundaries within that hold us back from actualizing our most heartfelt desires. Decide to make 2016 your best year yet!

January, a month to get things done, brings a business focus as the sun zooms through Capricorn. Even though Mercury, the planet of communication goes retrograde from January 5th until January 25th, we can use this time to proactively fine-tune our strategies. I encourage you to use the Capricorn new moon on January 9th to set robust business intentions. On January 13th, the sun will make an excellent angle to good luck Jupiter, an advantageous aspect. Then one day later, Mercury sends a beam of love to happy Jupiter too. Double score. The Leo full moon on the 23rd brings a mixed outlook but offers a strong opportunity to release blocks to your best life. Later in the month, thought-driven Mercury meets up with powerful Pluto two times (once on the 22nd and again on the 29th), providing powerful times to focus your mind on what you want to create.


Strategize your Success with the Star
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Be the change, Aries. No stranger to action, you are motivated by innovative ideas. Cultivate them. 2016 is your year to implement and lead. With serious Saturn in your sixth house of daily chores and work, focus on fine tuning your systems, delegating your brilliant ideas to your team and stepping into a bigger role as a leader. The last three years have sharpened you, to say the least. You’ve had to let go of what doesn’t align with your soul, and find your deepest strength within. You’ve cultivated hard earned wisdom, and truly it’s time to expand as a teacher. Your ruler Mars goes retrograde later this year from April 17th- June 29th so please use the fist quarter of the year to hit the ground running. New ideas brim within. The new year kicks off with Mercury retrograde in your tenth house of career, asking you to evaluate where you are professional. Use it to get CLEAR. Give yourself permission to be the rebel. You are called to shake up the norm and bring a fresh perspective.
Creativity, profits, and prosperity—your 2016 mantra, Taurus. The year kicks off with Jupiter, the planet of good luck, fortune and abundance, in your fifth house of originality and ingenuity, making a complementary angle to you, where he’ll stay until September. While this is a continuation from 2015, you are poised to take it to the next level now. Saturn transits your 8th house of money from others this year wanting you to develop your profit strategies and business model. Pay attention to your money and your margins. More importantly though dive deep into your creativity. As one of the most sensual signs of the zodiac, your momentum rests in feeling aligned and inspired. So please go within to cultivate sincere passion (and knowingness) in your professional life. As an earth sign, you have extra support with powerhouse Pluto in fellow earth sign Capricorn. You can move mountains now (without a single drop of wasted sweat)!
2016 kicks off with your ruler, Mercury taking his first of four retrograde spins. Mercury in retrograde offers you the opportunity to recalibrate internally and integrate your feminine side with your masculine. As the twins of the zodiac, it’s so important that you take the time to slow down and catch up with yourself. Otherwise, it’s easy to burn out and blame others instead of taking responsibility for yourself. Saturn in Sagittarius, an astrological episode lasting all of 2016 (and then some) opposes your Gemini sun (particularly for those Geminis born between June 1 and June 12th), maturing how you show up in the world. This configuration wants you to slow down, get serious, and work hard so you can become your own guru. It’s crucial for you to plunge the depths of your soul this year and honor your truth accordingly. With Jupiter in your 4th house of home until September you have outstanding support to expand your living space to accommodate the up-level happening in your life! Act accordingly.
Innovation, leadership and communication—three themes to focus on as the new year kicks off. Uranus in your tenth house of career went direct on Christmas day, supporting you to kick the new year with gusto. Use this momentum to revolutionize how you approach your business. With Jupiter at the bottom of your chart in your third house, communication becomes easier. You are positioned to tell it as it is, rise and execute empowerment. Writing helps you advance too, so put your pen to paper and jot down your ideas. Saturn transits your 6th house this year, prompting you to take a serious and stern look at your daily habits and work routines. Commit to mastering the art of delegation. On a psychological level, the three-year Pluto Uranus square lasting between 2012-2015 dragged you right in the middle of an astrological showdown. Woah, talk about a lot? While you’ll still feel these lessons reverberate, your evolved consciousness takes position as a teacher. Decide to lead and do it!
2016 kicks off for you with an emphasis on making money. Jupiter, the planet of expansion, continues to tour your solar second house of money, encouraging you to capitalize on the growth you cultivated in 2014/2015. Simultaneously, Saturn, the planet of effort and exertion, transits the creativity sector of your chart, asking you to dive deep into what inspires you the most. Wow. What a gorgeous set up for you to follow your heart-driven passions into expanded abundance. On the challenging side, Pluto in Capricorn moves through your 6th house of daily chores and health, inducing a deep psychological examination of the systems that support your business and health. Don’t be afraid to excavate the psychological underpinnings of your daily routines and give birth to new ways of doing things. Unearth the deepest desires within, and let them guide you into creating new habits, routines, and systems to support your work. Keep in mind, as a Leo, you are a true blue leader. Stay joyful, but go deep. You’ve got this!
Your hot streak continues. Hosting Jupiter, the planet of good luck, fortune and abundance in your sign allows you to think big, aim high, and execute. Between now and September, you hold the astrological ace. Yet, there’s a caveat. While good luck Jupiter expands you, Saturn in Sagittarius in your fourth house of foundations makes a hard angle to your Sun, keeping you on your toes. You might feel like you have one foot on the gas and another on the breaks, but in actuality the universe is refining you to step into expanded responsibility! The world needs you, Virgo, big time. I refer to Virgos as the “protectors of purity” here to lead the world to health and integrity. The more you step into leadership, the more you stand behind your vision and make an impact, the better the world becomes. 2016 is your year. To top it off, Pluto in Capricorn sends a stellar beam of power your way. Simultaneously the north node of fate transits your sign too, advocating for your destiny. Pull the stops, get clear, and go.
Over the last few years you were caught in the angst between Pluto and Uranus. While this wasn’t easy for you, you started to learn how to love yourself without condition. Now it’s your turn to teach the world to do the same. Your new year kicks off with good luck, expansive Jupiter touring your twelfth house of spiritual enlightenment. Enjoy the inward gaze while you can because in September he’ll cross into your first house of identity, a time when you’ll feel progressive increase and the potential for an expansion of epic proportions. You cultivate spiritual gems you’ll give birth to very soon. Pay attention. In the meanwhile, steadfast Saturn now situated in your third house of communication disciplines your thought processes, helping you clear the cobwebs of thought, and bring your best work as a thought leader to the world. Thankfully, you’ve integrated lessons around deepening your self-worth while Saturn toured your second house of money last year. Continue to do the work of inner transformation, because come fall of 2016, your outer change begins, in the most positive ways.
2016 offers the opportunity to tune up your financial plans, increase your rates, and work on the underlying emotional connections to owning your worth. By the end of the year with hard work and dedication you have the potential to be in an entirely different financial stratosphere. With good luck Jupiter in your eleventh house of manifestation, I urge you to set healthy intentions to succeed on your terms. While Saturn in your second house of money may restrict your sense of abundance, it only does so to inspire ingenuity. While you need to do the brass tacks work of developing a robust financial strategy, I encourage you to think outside the box too. Your manifestation powers are enhanced until September. Think positive thoughts, visualize your intended outcomes and give thanks regularly. Continue to do the deep inner work to discern and own self-worth, as you step into leadership more thoroughly. Looking back, you’ve been through it. Now it’s time to focus on materializing your lessons into abundance with a capital A.
Self-mastery calls you forward. Saturn, the planet of structure and discipline creates tremendous focus in your life. Fiercely let go of what’s not working and simultaneously trust that Divine order is aligning your external world with precision and purpose. Order and simplification lead you to mastery while you gain strength and deep understanding of yourself. Though the process may feel anything but easy, it’s your job to deepen your stability. 2016 offers dream-catalyzing complexity encouraging you to shift through the nuances of your aspirations, find your diamonds and polish them so they can shine. You are coming into your own this year, big time. I know you prefer ease and adventure over work and discipline. However, put your nose to the grindstone and see how far you go. Your ruler, Jupiter, is in Virgo until September, urging you to develop a detail-oriented viewpoint. Even though 2016 asks you to go against free-wheeling, freedom-seeking nature, it’s in the name of your biggest achievements. Embrace discipline. You have everything to gain.
Happy Birthday, Capricorn! With the sun in your sign for most of the month, all eyes are on you. After enduring a couple of really hard-hitting years, (it hasn’t been easy for you) it’s time to step into a bigger role as a teacher, writer, speaker, thought leader and business maven. Shine, baby! But there’s a caveat, Mercury goes retrograde in Capricorn until the 25th. You’ll need to complete old projects before you can fully move forward. However, with your ruler Saturn hanging out in your twelfth house of spiritual development for all of 2016, you can expect your intuition to be your secret weapon; a perfect compliment to Mercury in retrograde. Use this month’s retrograde in your sign to hear the divine guidance leading you forward. Simultaneously, good luck Jupiter lends a helping hand as he travels through your ninth house of publishing until September. Then stay tuned. The month ends with loving Venus making her way to you. Finally, you get some help from the goddess herself.
Profits and leadership, two key themes for you in the first half of 2016. Make it happen Mars makes his way into your house of fame and honors this month, giving you a shot of gusto when it comes to your career. And lucky you, Mars supercharges your public celebrations for almost a third of 2016. (He’s in your tenth house from January 3rd- March 5th, and then again from May 27th-August 2nd.) Talk about exciting momentum to help get ahead! Further, with Saturn charging up the community sector of your chart, it’s time for you to step up and lead. You should feel electrified to make the most of these opportunities since your ruler, Uranus went direct on Christmas day motivating your disposition and reinvigorating your sense of purpose. Simultaneously, expansive Jupiter continues to help you earn as he journeys through your zone of money from others. The world needs you, Aquarius. Don’t hold back.
You have a lot of professional pressure these days, yet it’s exactly what’s helping you elevate your life. 2016 continues with a theme of professional accountability and continued advancement as serious Saturn up-levels your professional standing. Stay earnest and work through your challenges. The good news: breakthroughs await! You magnetize great partnerships in the first half of 2016, so please pay attention to any opportunities that offer you the chance to partner with peers and colleagues who elevate you. This commands mojo to attract key clients. To top it off, January delivers particular attention as Venus, the planet of love and admiration, crosses over your solar Mid-Heaven (career) as she heads to meet Saturn on the 8th. This transit carries magic. Are you ready to step into the spotlight? I hope so. It’s time to be the star.

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