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June, a potentially fast and furious month, kicks off with a focus on reflection. The quick-witted sign of Gemini hosts the Sun, Mars, and Mercury—a potent cocktail of energy for the twins.  With Mercury retrograde until June 11th, it’s imperative to slow down. Put your energy on reorganization rather than acquisition. Revisit the past before forging ahead. June marks the halfway point of 2015. Reconsider what you aim to accomplish in 2015 and redefine your direction, so your goals stay aligned with your evolution. The Gemini new moon on June 16th offers an excellent opportunity to recommit to your vision. Saturn, the planet of discipline and structure (also retrograde) moves back into Scorpio by mid-month (June 15th) initiating another period of review.  Time to tie up loose ends, especially those lingering from 2014. (Don’t worry, we’ll have until September to handle the older issues.)  On June 21st, the sun moves into cozy Cancer, amplifying the comforting power of the crab. Action-oriented Mars will follow the sun a few days later. On June 22nd change-making Uranus makes a rare and remarkable connection to benevolent Jupiter. Think gifts and surprises. Take advantage of this positive aspect.  Between the new moon on June 16th and this awesome aspect on June 22nd, you can get a lot of positive work done. Use the beginning of the month to plan and strategize and the middle of the month to execute.  It ends on a high note.  For a more detailed description of how to best use this month’s energy, check out your horoscope for your sun sign.  Better yet, if you know your rising sign, read both!

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Think twice before you hit send. This month, your third house of communication hosts three heavy hitting planets: the sun, Mars, and Mercury. Your head will be spinning with ideas, concepts, and new initiatives you want to launch. However, be certain to take a beat between idea and execution, as you might regret getting ahead of yourself. Mercury is retrograde for the first ten days of the month, so pace yourself. Instead of taking action on everything immediately, set up a content capture system like Evernote, a G-doc, or an old fashion pen and notebook so you can keep an ongoing tally of your brilliant ideas. (Ideas should flow like fine champagne would at a swanky party this month.)  The June 2nd full moon in Sagitttarius will add fuel to the fire of ideas as it will light up the philosophical sector of your chart—your 9th house of higher learning, international travel, and teaching. Be prepared to feel fired up to market your brilliant idea, teach your concept, and possibly plan business related travel.  With Mars (your ruler) sending sparks of ignition to Uranus (a strong combo for entrepreneurs) you’re ready to break free, change things up and realign. You should feel this on June 8th (give or take a couple of days). I highly encourage you to consider how this shows up for you and make a plan to take action later in the month. On June 11th, Mercury goes direct and at this point it bodes well to start to strategize how to put these ideas into action. Once the the new moon in Gemini on June 16th happens, you’ll have green lights! This day marks a turning point in the month, and the rest of June is set up for success. Keep your eyes open to see what comes into fruition on June 22nd.  This is one of the most exciting days of the year: think gifts and surprises.
Taurus, hopefully you felt refreshed and renewed after your solar return last month. That’s a good thing because June brings with it an opportunity to claim your worth. It’s about the money, honey! Or, is it?  This month dollars and cents will be your mind, but it’s important not to confuse money with self-worth. In the words of the feminist scholar, Megan Watterson, worth isn’t something we earn, it’s something we claim. Are you trying to prove your value anywhere?  If so, let that go—you are valuable, no need to prove it. You are worthy, because you are.  Mercury Retrograde in your solar second house of money allows you to peel the layers back and get to a whole new level of self love, as well as create positive change in your finances too. It’s time to bust through any mental, emotional or physical barriers to earning at a whole new level too.  On June 2nd, the Sagittarius full moon excites your house of money from others, suggesting profits too.  This is a lot of activities to be hosting on the financial axis of your chart.  I encourage you to use this energy wisely—do the inner work of getting clear on your boundaries, what you will and will not accept.  Take a look at where you are constantly striving to prove yourself or earn respect or validation, and consciously let go of these patterns.  Remember, you don’t have to strive to prove anything. You are brilliant and a child of the Divine.  Claim it.  Next up, look at how you are spending and earning and make sure this reflects your truth. Be certain to not overspend (hosting Mars in your second can drain the finances if you allow it).  Also, make sure you dot your I’s and cross your T’s with your financial paperwork.  Handle all of your bills and make sure everything is up to date. June 16th brings a new beginning with money.  A friendly new moon in your second suggests raising fees and amplifying earning power. The days following this new moon make for a good time to launch, initiate. Keep a look out for what happens June 22nd.  This fun and feel good day may bring a surprise.  I know Taurus, surprises may not be your favorite, but this one brings with it potential breakthrough. Stay on the look out!
This month brings duality for you, Gemini—a subject you are an expert in. The first half of the month is about slowing down and doing the internal work of catching up with yourself. The second half of the month is about pushing forward. With your ruler spinning backward, June could kick off with you chasing your tail if you let it; however, pacing yourself is the insurance policy you need. Even though it’s your birthday month, the Mercury retrograde cycle wants you to be a bit less social and a lot more retrospective for the first two weeks of the month.  I promise if you do, you will be happy with the results and avoid feeling like a hyper Schnoodle searching for its tail.  With the sun, Mars and Mercury in your sign this month you are well prepared for aha breakthroughs. The new moon in Gemini on June 16th is a turning point for you, setting the stage for you to launch, lead, and influence from a whole new place of being within. So get ready. The last two weeks of the month are time for you to get things out the door.  Mars in your sun sign is a rare opportunity and something you don’t want to squander. From June 16th to June 24th, put your foot to the floor and take off like a Tesla.  This is your month, Dear Gemini.  Use all of the astrological support—your solar return, your ruler’s introspective look within, Mars’s fiery influence and this super friendly Gemini new moon to assist you with the breakthrough you desire.   Rest, then assume your mark and GO!
June brings with the chance to rest, recuperate, and reconnect to your inner wisdom. Spiritual breakthroughs, long naps, and lots of down time can be just what the doctor ordered for you at the start of the month. The sun, Mars, and Mercury are all taking up residence in the behind-the-scenes quarters of your chart, asking you to check in and hit the reset button.  The June 2nd full moon in Sagittarius happens opposite the sun (touring your 12th house this month) affecting your health, daily rhythms, and work.  This will bring to your attention how you best serve the world, and changes you may need to make in your day-to-day life to better honor you!  On June 5th, Venus moves out of your sun sign Cancer into your second house of money, Leo.  At this time, it will make a productive and kind connection to Saturn, the planet of work and karma.  This adds to the theme of money, profits and increasing your self-esteem that has called your attention since late summer of 2014.  Don’t take this for granted, Cancer.  For better or worst you have a fixation on security, and the summer of 2015 promises to satiate this desire.  June 5th is a turning point in this conversation. Venus, the planet of beauty, feminine grace, and receptivity, is going to be hanging out in your second house of money where you are hosting another kind planet, Jupiter.  These two planets together are some of the best aspects for money, and you will feel them between June 5th and August 11th.  Even though Venus will go retrograde during that time (something I will tell you more about next month), hosting these two planets in your solar second makes for breakthroughs with money.  However, the new moon in Gemini on June 16th happens in your 12th house, which tells me you need to take a break and hold off on massive action until the sun moves into your sign on June 21st.  This happens at the same time of one of the more fun aspects of the year, Jupiter trining Uranus on June 22nd. Expect gifts and surprises. If that wasn’t enough, this is followed by Mars moving in your sun sign on June 24th, an energizing aspect that will last through the start of August.  The month ends strong, so rest while you can in the beginning. July promises to be busy and full on. So catch your breath now, and trust that the security you desire is on its way.
This month specifically has you asking the question, how can I make life more fun, more outrageous and use my creativity more—especially in business. If you’ve experienced a fun deficit recently when it comes to your work, do not worry. June promises to switch things up. The full moon on June 2nd lights up your house of creativity, asking you to get back into your zone of merriment with your work. Think of your lifestyle, your product or service, and the company you own as a reflection of how you live art as life.  We can all take a lesson from Gina DeVee here, and live a bit more divinely. More good news, on June 5th, Venus, the planet of feminine grace moves into your sign, Leo.  This will add a lavish touch to all you do.  On June 8th, the sun will sextile Jupiter in Leo, further advancing your agenda. On June 11th, Mercury will go direct in your house of social connections, with hopes and dreams setting the stage for your most important new moon in 2015. This positive Gemini new moon in your 11th house opens the floodgates to manifest your desires.  New moons are times to initiate new things and call in desires.  New moons in your solar 11th house (exactly what’s happening this month) are extra potent.  Make that new moon intention list, and don’t hold back.  What do you really want, Leo?  Now is the time to ask. The month ends strong with Jupiter and Uranus making a fun connection, shaking up how you present yourself to the world.  On June 28th, Venus in Leo will then follow Jupiter’s lead and trine change-making Uranus too.  I can’t wait to see how this turns out for you.  This month, think fun, and the facilitation of your desires.  Don’t let this precious energy escape you.
The full moon in Sagittarius on June 2nd fires up your fourth house of home, family, and security. Meanwhile, the sun is stationed in the most public part of your chart—the tenth house of career, reputation and fame.  Mercury, (your ruler who’s retrograde until June 11th ) and Mars, the planet of action, are hanging out there too, just to give the sun a bit of a push. Can you feel the heat? Your career is about to be on fire. Virgo, it’s time for you to fly.  I know, as an earth sign your practical sensibility keeps you grounded, and your focus on the details.  However, this month, you can afford to be a bit loftier especially with your career ambitions. You see, after your ruler Mercury goes direct on June 11th, Mars will be in direct alignment with the sun in your career house (this is known as a conjunction in astrology)—a perfect energy to make things happen professionally.  Two days later, on June 16th, there is a new moon in your house of career too.  Virgo, it’s time to get clear on precisely what you want to see happen professionally. This new moon sets the stage for what’s to come for you later in 2015 and in early to mid-2016. Challenge yourself to think big.  You can figure out the “how” later, right now get focused on the “what.”  The month has a strong finish, Jupiter will trine Uranus, a rare and important event sure to bring some sizzle to an already steaming hot month.  Use the first ten days of the month to take care of you—but once your ruler Mercury turns direct, the month heats up in the best way.  Go for it, Virgo.  The time is now.  In the months to come your service oriented, detailed way of leading is going to be widely admired. That’s a great thing because the world needs you! (It really does.)
This month it’s time to write out your dreams, speak your truth, and balance your budget. I know, you’ve been through a two and a half year cycle that has challenged you to get clear on how you make and manage money, and you are so close to being done.  However, this month, Saturn the planet of discipline and structure retrogrades back into Scorpio, the ruler of your second house, asking you to make one more clean sweep through your finances.  From June 14th- September 17th  it’s essential for you to consider your long-term financial strategy.  How are you investing your money?  Are you making enough?  Valuing your time correctly?  Take stock of your financial issues and ensure you are adequately managing what you have!  Then get ready for a gift.  After almost three years of Saturn transiting your second house, he’s preparing to leave you a financial gift when he takes off finally takes off to Sagittarius in September.  For now, head his call, look for the upside. I am positive it’s there. Otherwise, this month the stars are aligned for you to write and teach.  The June 2nd full moon in Sagittarius happens in your third house of communication.  Mark this date on your calendar, especially if you’ve been putting off an important writing project. Even with the planet of communication retrograde still (he turns direct June 11th) you will not be at a loss when it comes to writing. Then on June 14th, Mars and the sun will be in perfect alignment in your 9th house of publishing, philosophy and international travel setting. This sets up perfectly for the friendly new moon on the 16th. If a desire to write, travel the world and teach shows up, don’t shun it! Follow that passion. Write out your intentions, and get supremely clear on what you intend to create.  Monday June 22nd may bring a surprise as two titans of the sky make a supportive connection. Around this same time your ruler, Venus, begins to flirt with its retrograde cycle that will go down in late July through August.  If you feel like you need to turn within at this time, give yourself the space to do so.  By the 28th, you’ll feel a bit better and the month ends strong!
The month kicks off with a full moon in the second house of money in the sign of Sagittarius on June 2nd! Expect the gusto to go after your financial goals.  Embrace the “do whatever it takes” mentality when it comes to valuing yourself, your craft, and your business. You’ll need it!  Between June 14th- September 17th, the planet of hard work is back in the sign of Scorpio to wrap up any unfinished business.  It was in your sign from October 2012-December 2014.  Not to worry, you’ve done the heavy lifting, now you are just cleaning up the loose ends.  Don’t miss this opportunity.  Though Saturn brings with him tests, he also brings fortitude.  Tap into your resilience and commit to getting the job done.  Then, the June 16th new moon in Gemini brings with it the gift  of new beginnings with regards to how others pay you.  Time to raise your rates?  Announce it on this new moon.  Looking for venture funding?  Start putting out your proposals in the days that follow the Gemini new moon.  Same goes for a new line of credit.  You get it, immediately after the new moon you are primed to bring in money, particularly money through sales, commissions, lenders and other funding sources. Scorpio, June brings with it amazing opportunities to firm up the structures of your financial life.  Make sure you seize them.  The month ends on a strong note.  In the meanwhile take care of yourself.  Schedule those massages, take your vitamins and eat healthy.  Hosting Saturn in your sun sign can drain you, so build your stamina and fortitude so you can go the distance.  You’re holding a royal flush.  Keep your head in the game and resist folding.   You’ll regret it if you do.
The month kicks off with the June 2nd full moon in your sign, dear Sagittarius.  It’s a crown jewel moment for you. Celebrate the culmination of your hard work.  Since your birthday in 2014 you’ve been tested, and this full moon gives you the chance to reflect on all that’s happened since this year kicked off.  Honor yourself and acknowledge how you’ve grown over the last six months. Twelve days later (June 14th) austere Saturn—the planet of hard work, discipline and structure—backs off you as he continues his retrograde cycle into Scorpio.  Again, more cause to pause, reflect and recollect on where you’ve been since the start of 2015.  Are there any do-overs you are longing for?  Things you want a second chance with?  If so, don’t worry, you’ll get another shot in the fall.  For now, do the introspective work of evaluating your progress. Then on the new moon in Gemini, June 16th, set your intentions for what you want to see come to fruition by the time of your next birthday.  This new moon happens in your 7th house of partnerships and can affect both your marriage and business. Don’t worry, this new moon is friendly, so take advantage of the fertile soil it provides and claim what you intend to create.   Your ruler, Jupiter, is up to positive stuff this month (isn’t he always) and will be making a stellar connection with out-of-the-box-Uranus.  This has entrepreneurial breakthrough written all over it. Look to see what pops into your periphery on June 22nd.   This is a positive month for you, Sag.  Be certain to use it wisely.
Dear Capricorn, I know you have a practical, brass-tacks sensibility when it comes time to get things done.  However, as this month kicks off you may feel more tired than usual.  The June 2nd full moon in your 12th house asks you to relax, unwind and meditate.  If that’s the case, take a break. In the northern hemisphere, the sun is shining, and nature is calling.  If you find yourself plugging away at your desk, but not really feeling connected, take a break and step outside.  Cut yourself some slack and sleep in if you feel like it.  Doing so you could bring answers to your questions in the most mysterious ways. As the month moves on, you will feel recharged and back in the saddle of your day to day to life, especially after Mercury goes direct on June 11th. Mercury has been retreating in your house of day-to-day life while in its retrograde cycle, adding to the need to slow down.  Once it goes direct, work should feel recharged and back in alignment.  Following Mercury going direct, the June 16th new moon will be in your sixth house of service– asking you to set intentions regarding how you want your work day and daily routines to feel. You may want to start a new health routine as well.  If so, do so in the days that follow the new moon.  As the month goes on the energy should pick up as well.  On June 22nd, there is a brilliant connection between Uranus and Jupiter sure to bring you positive surprises.  On top of that July kicks off with a full moon in Capricorn.  So restore and renew your energy this month, because July kicks off with a bang for you.  You’ll want to be in tip-top shape.
Creativity is calling for you.  Are you feeling it?  This month, tap into your inspiration and intuition.  Allow it to guide you. Multiple astrological events occurring for your lead me to believe that you are ready for a creative breakthrough. First off, the full moon on June 2nd occurs in your 11th house of marketing, media, and social interaction.  This full moon activates your hopes, wishes, and desires.  My instinct is that you’ll receive inspiration on how you want to make moves online to market, lead, and motivate the masses this full moon.  If you do, take great notes. However, you’ll want to delay taking action on the new ideas until the new moon happens on June 16th.  By that time, Mercury will be direct, emphasizing your creativity too as it happens in your fifth house of play, fun, and ingenuity.  The days that immediately follow the new moon are prime time for you to unleash your badass innovative ideas into the public.   Allow yourself to tap into your resourcefulness, vision, and originality.  Don’t worry if no one gets what you are up to yet!  Soon they’ll all be following you lead.  As an Aquarius, you are used to being ahead of your time, so continue to march to the beat of your own drum. On June 22nd your ruler Uranus makes a happy and supportive connection to the divine Jupiter, so there will be more creative energy abounding in your life. Let it go, have fun, and embrace the process.  I can’t underestimate how much creativity is calling to you now.  Expect breakthroughs.
June brings attention to your career and your home life. The month kicks off with a full moon in your house of career on June 2nd, which should culminate with a celebration or professional breakthrough.  By the new moon on June 16th  in Gemini, your attention will be brought back to your home life. This new moon happens in your fourth house of home, family, and foundation, asking you to set intentions to shore up the underpinnings of your life.  The focus on your work and home this month may have you wondering what changes you want to make in your life to support balance. Work-life balance is possible and June is the ideal time to go after it.  With Jupiter in your sixth house of daily routines awaiting the arrival of Venus, who will join him on June 5th, you’d be very wise to consider how you can better accommodate a healthy balance between work and life.  Maybe you need to delegate more, and hire out another position.  This month you are supported to do so, but wait until after Mercury goes direct on June 11th.  Are you a work-from-home entrepreneur desperately in need of an office renovation?  If so, this month brings the opportunity to realign how you are working from home and expand or renovate your office space too. The month ends on a very strong note, so keep your eye on the prize and stay focused on what you really want.

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