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ith the Sun in Scorpio for the majority of the month, it’s time to penetrate our hearts and go deep within.  Scorpio represents our need for renewal.  It also speaks to the secrets of our soul, the parts of ourselves that await liberation. Action calls us forward asking us to make our dreams come true. The month kicks off with a cosmic meet up between Venus, the planet of love and beauty, and manifesting Mars.  When Venus and Mars meet we integrate our masculine and feminine sides; become capable of stepping into what Gina calls our Queen. Other highlights of the month include a stellar new moon in Scorpio on the 11th—the perfect time to set intentions on behalf of our biggest goals. The month closes out with relentless focus. It’s time to get into action so we can bring our dream into reality. After the sun slips into optimistic Sagittarius on the 22nd, we are asked to get serious about what it is we are committing too. The Gemini full moon on the 25th has a conservative temperament when stalwart Saturn meets up with Mercury, amplifying commitments. This conjunction happens right before Saturn makes a sharp angle to dreamy Neptune, beckoning us to unearth our dreams. Last but not least, Saturn will join the Sun on the 29th summoning a cautious and deliberate approach.  In short, this month cultivate and commit to your dream.


Strategize your Success with the Star
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The month kicks off with an emphasis on your health, well-being and day-to-day life.  Think systems, delegation, and support for your business.  This is the perfect placement for the November 11th new moon in Scorpio (I love this new moon) which happens in your house of money from others.  Hopefully, you’ll feel organized and ready to capitalize. The Scorpio new moon creates an exceptional opportunity to raise your rates, create a plan to amass capital or think of a new product line.  Immediately following the new moon, as Venus and Mars settle into their new position in Libra, they help you bring in new relationships; clients and otherwise.  The Gemini full moon on the 25th emphasizes a commitment. Get ready. Your big plans for the future are coming true.
This month your ruler Venus is hot to trot, bringing you gifts.  With the full moon in Taurus late last month, you should still feel invigorated.  On the 2nd, Venus moves into exact alignment with Mars, igniting your passion and capacity to make things happen. Shortly after, on the 8th Venus shifts into Libra, a sign she loves. Score! You are primed to bring in new clients after the new moon in Scorpio on the 11th, preferably your dream clients.  The month closes out with a full moon on the 25th in your house of money. Use it to evaluate your finances.  Make a commitment at this time to your financial dreams, and let go of anything holding you back from reaching them.
Your focus moves into the organization of your life and business this month. The November 11th new moon happens in your sixth house of systems, health, and routines.  Use it wisely to streamline your ideas.  As Venus and Mars settle into their new positions in Libra your creativity explodes, so get ready.  You want to channel this energy productively.  By narrowing in on your truest heart’s desires, you have the capacity to eliminate what doesn’t serve you. The month closes out with a full moon in Gemini, asking you to focus on your commitments.  Not only is this full moon in your sign (something that only happens once a year) it happens with your ruler, Mercury conjunct stalwart Saturn.  Go deep and be clear on your commitments. 
Cancer, it’s time to unleash your fierce determination and make-it-happen-gusto. With your third house of communication fired up, along with the Sun traveling through your fifth house of ingenuity, your entrepreneurial spirit wants to fly. The Scorpio new moon on the 11th amplifies this enterprising creativity.  Perfect! On the 22nd, the sun moves into your sixth house of organization, the ideal time to streamline your originality into the day-to-day tasks necessary to help your dreams take flight. The Gemini full moon happens in the most private place in your chart so make sure to take a break and rest on or around the 25th.  As the month ends, Saturn will meet up with the Sun asking you to get serious about implementing on behalf of your dreams!
The month kicks off with your focus on money.  Jupiter, Mars, and Venus align in your second house of income, hopefully helping you break through financial barriers. Venus and Mars leave this sweet spot before mid-month, heading into Libra, your third house of communication.  As this happens, prepare for new ideas and strategies to surge.  Write down your ideas and let yourself settle into your creativity. The new moon on November 11th provides you with an opportunity to expand your security. Anchor into intentions that help you feel supported at this time. Then, take a mindful approach as the month closes out. Your ruler, the Sun, comes into exact alignment with serious Saturn on the 29th! Be sure to nurture yourself and slow down at this time.
So many opportunities, so little time. November kicks off with Jupiter, Venus and Mars (three energizing planets) in your first house of personal identity.  On the 8th, Venus moves into Libra, your second house of money signifying a time where you can profit, especially when Mars makes his move there too on the 13th. Hosting Mars and Venus in your second house will fire up your earning power though it could increase your expenses too. Stay cautiously optimistic this month with money. The month closes out with a full moon on the 25th in the fame sector of your chart.  While this indicates further expansion and exposure, your ruler Mercury will snuggle up with Saturn, bringing a serious undertone. With so much opportunity, you potentially run the risk of over-committing.  Stay discerning.
Help arrives this month when Venus and Mars exit your quiet twelfth house, entering your sign, Libra! An advantage I know you will certainly enjoy.  Starting on the 8th, you’ll begin to feel your joie de vivre return. Be ready to capitalize as the momentum swings.  Come the 11th one of the most beneficial new moons of the year happens right in your second house of money.  Hallelujah.  Set positive intentions for money and abundance at this time.  Next up, get plenty of time in for exercise as you reconnect to your sense of purpose, strength and determination.  Be mindful around the 20th when Venus makes a hard angle to transformational Pluto.  Be sure to take good care of yourself this day.  As the month closes out, continue to practice great self-care.
Happy Birthday, Scorpio! A positive new moon on the 11th opens up promising opportunities for you. Spend time getting clear on your dream. What do you desire to create this next year?  How do you want to show up?  What promises are you making to yourself?  Write out your vision and commit to the actions needed to execute it. Then as the month closes out, critical aspects prevail. On the Gemini full moon, happening on the 25th, taskmaster Saturn meets up directly with the planet of communications, Mercury. This happens right before Saturn makes a foggy angle with Neptune on the 26th and a stoic alignment with the Sun on the 29th.  The end of the month may feel heavy,  but stay positive.  Keep your eye on the prize, and look for the upside.  It’s there.
With Saturn in your sign, hard work prevails. I know you love your freedom, yet right now you are asked to make a commitment; especially one that serves your long-term goals and visions. Professionally, your career looks healthy. With good luck Jupiter hanging out in your tenth house of fame next to Venus and Mars, you are HOT! As the month continues, and Venus and Mars move into Libra, the support to manifest your dreams continues. The positive new moon in Scorpio on the 11th happens in your 12th house, encouraging you to slow down and tune into your intuition. Take care of you and set powerful intentions. When the sun moves into your sign on the 22nd, you commence a new year of growth and abundance! Happy Birthday. Celebrate.
You can make great progress this month. November kicks off with the sun in your 11th house of hopes and dreams, reinvigorating you.  The positive new moon in Scorpio activates this even more, initiating a power period for you. This is your time to manifest. Take advantage. Professionally, things look up, especially when Venus and Mars move into your 10th house of fame in Libra.  However, when the sun enters Sagittarius, your quiet 12th house on the 22nd, you may feel the need to slow down.  If you do, honor it.  At that time your ruler, task master Saturn will prepare to meet Mercury and the Sun, while making a challenging angle to confusing Neptune.  Stay focused. Go big early in the month. Then, give yourself some space to breathe at the end.
This month the Sun and the moon meet in your tenth house of public recognition.  Awesome! Set intentions for your big picture career goals at the time of the Scorpio new moon on the 11th.  With good luck Jupiter continuing to fire up your 8th house of money from others, you have strong potential to earn.  But be mindful, foggy Neptune in your second house may also bring confusion when it comes to profitability, especially when Neptune makes a hard angle to disciplined Saturn on the 26th.  As the opportunities expand, it remains imperative for you to meticulously handle your money.  Think about hiring financial help if you need it.  A CPA or a bookkeeper may prove priceless. Balance growth and opportunity with diligence and responsibility.  Big things are coming.  Stay active and engaged.
Career opportunities open up for you. With Saturn directly on what astrologers call your mid-heaven, you’re very busy. Pay attention to the clients and relationships entering your life right now—they are meant to advance you. The positive new moon on 11th (one of my favorites of the year) opens up publishing opportunities for you, as well as international travel potential. If prospects for either present themselves, seriously consider them. Otherwise, the month closes out with further prominence for your career.  When Mercury and the Sun meet up with Saturn at the end of the month, you’ll be asked to make a major commitment.  Go slow. At this time, your ruler Neptune makes a hard angle to Saturn.  This can create confusion. Stay keen to your intuition and follow your dreams!

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