How My Session with an Ayurvedic
Healer in Bali Opened Me Up to 
a Mindful New Way of Doing
Life & Business


I didn’t necessarily arrive in Bali looking for the kind of transformative experience the island is known for. However when the student is ready, the teacher appears, and though I didn’t know it, you could say I was about ready to meet Umaa. I had already extended my trip to Bali by three days so that I could spend more time in the artistic and spiritual center of Ubud. After ten days on the coast I had felt drawn there, so I changed my flight and booked a suite at the Four Seasons Sayan nestled in the jungle.

yoga-barnI asked my friends and colleagues what exactly I needed to see in Ubud, and nearly everyone recommended I check out the Yoga Barn. Though I was excited to find services like massages, reflexology and yoga classes, I was most intrigued by the “Know Thyself Heal Thyself” treatment they offered.

My team encouraged me to have the full Bali experience, so they booked me a session with an Ayurvedic Practitioner named Umaa. Honestly I didn’t really know what or whom to expect, and was delighted to meet an angelic natural beauty with a gentle yet wise energy.

The whole experience of meeting Uma was such a blessing! Our session took place in this Balinese straw hut in the thick of the jungle, where I could feel the warm, humid air just relaxing every muscle in my body. I was fairly new to Ayurveda, and I was blown away by Umaa’s depth of heartunderstanding and intuitive abilities. To be a practitioner requires developing both a holistic approach to health and wellness, and an ability to focus on what makes each patient completely unique.

It was so special to have such a wise, feminine and spiritual woman focus her energy completely on me. I think it took about two questions until the tears were dripping from my eyes. Umaa asked me questions about my personal life,
business, health and career, and wove it into an Ayurvedic analysis of my body and spirit. I got to better understand myself, my desires, and my body that much more.

And what was really interesting to me was that her recommendations for how I might improve my health were actually in line with what my body desired! You’ve probably heard all of the blanket weight loss rules before—no carbs, more cardio, no meat, etc—and know how confusing it can be when they conflict with your own instincts, so you can imagine I was relieved when she told me I should not eat raw vegetables. My kind of woman! Sometimes our intuition knows better than you’d think!

gina-meditationWhat she also tapped into was what my soul desired, unbeknownst to me. I had already spent a beautiful 10 days in Bali with my husband and extended my trip once, and I did not have it in mind to stay any longer. Well what the session opened me up to was that I actually wanted to stay another two weeks to more deeply dive within.

I realized that to truly continue expansion, what I needed was not to charge forward, but to take some dedicated time to be still. To first just be, and then to discover what my next level is from an inspired place!

I was astounded by how much courage it took to actually say this out loud that day! Even though I have the most supportive husband in the world, the most amazing team, and the loveliest clients, I was worried about what everyone would think and say. But thanks to my session with Umaa, I felt awake to my truth and empowered to take action on what I knew was right for me.

What I knew for sure was that by staying in Bali and doing some self-work, I would actually avoid all of the things that people wait too long to address—burnout, a breakdown, or a health issue. Though I was not at the end of my rope, I was at a place where I desired another major transformation for the good.

So I talked to Glenn and my team, and was so grateful for their support, and for the support of my clients who were so accommodating! I proceeded to book a 13-Day Ayurvedic Cleanse stay at the Como Shambhala Resort. It turned out to be the most transformative two weeks of my life, and that’s saying a lot!

There was something really refreshing and special about having this time in Bali, being exposed to new forms of wisdom, and having the space to just be.


Whether it’s Bali you long for, or anywhere new in the world, I encourage you to explore the opportunities for awakening that draw you intuitively. While it’s best to be careful about what kinds of energy and people you allow into your life, spirituality can be a great adventure and you truly never know where the light will come from!





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