It doesn’t matter what kind of challenges, disappointments, or successes we experienced in 2015—we all have the opportunity for major transformation in 2016. And I’m pretty sure we’re all ready for NEW!

Please do repeat this to yourself: YOU absolutely have what it takes to make this an extraordinary year you are proud of. And we’re all here cheering you on as we fully go for it ourselves!

Right now, there’s just one thing you need to do: get really clear on what you desire and only focus on all things necessary to manifest your desires with ease (though not without effort).

What would your life look like if you really went for it? If you accomplished the things you only admit to craving in your journal or to your best friend. Well the more you focus on what could happen if you really showed up for yourself, the more you will be guided toward your own mega success.

What the world needs right now are confident women who are proud of being the superstars that we are, which allows us to have major impact. We don’t have to be driven by our egos, self-obsessed or become workaholics to have the success we desire, as long as we remember that we are no more or no less deserving than anyone else, only capable and willing of claiming our purposes.

If you’re committed to continuous growth in your life, change is a constant. We can’t keep living our lives the same way and expect a different result. So no matter where you are in your journey, if you’re one of those out there right now thinking, “Yes, it’s time for more for me—it’s time to do something different,” then here are 5 ways to set yourself up for your best year ever:

Laser In On the Best Possible Life

How do you imagine and create a life with star power? With an expansive vision and laser focus. Imagine in detail what life would look like this year if there were no limitations or consequences. This is the part that nobody else can help you with—it’s between you and your maker. Take ownership of what you are going to go after, invest in, and spend your time on. Give yourself permission to have everything you need to be in your power, with all of the time and resources to keep you happy, excited, and at your best. (And don’t forget to read my guide to creating your vision board and building a wow-factor brand to help you bring your ideas to life!)

Glamour is Power

A star is fully supported to be at her most glamourous. How well are you set up for success in your weekly routines and habits? It’s possible you need to make some key changes or invest better in your wellness. Do you need to get to bed earlier and get up earlier? Hire the personal trainer to really work on your fitness, or the personal assistant or housekeeper to free up more of your time? What is going to be different about your life that will have you more fully in your power? Commit to the change, and see it through.

Collaborate With Your Girl Squad

gina-mba-1Quite frankly I think Taylor Swift is onto something, and we could all step up our collaboration game in 2016. Women entrepreneurs have always had a knack for banding together, and there is always more we can accomplish by joining forces and supporting each other. And while working together can be a great benefit for everyone involved, it’s also just important to have fun with other women who are up to big things in the world, and know how to live beautifully too.

You Get What You Focus On

It’s crucial that you believe your desires are in you for a reason. Maybe no one else can hear what’s inside you, but that does not make it wrong, or impossible. You get what you focus on and you attract what you believe, so you have got to do the work of anchoring in your vision and having full faith that it is meant for you. Make sure you are meditating on your desires daily, spending time with your vision board, journaling, and doing affirmations to attract the miracles you need. There are so many resources out now on the law of attraction—if you’ve yet to watch The Secret or What the Bleep Do We Know!, then it’s your time.

Find a High-Vibe Mentor

The best proof that your big dreams are not impossible? The millions of people no better than you already living them. So find these people and go hang out with them! Soak up their energy, get their advice, be mentored by them. Most are willing to share how they’ve created their success and will get you there even faster than they did. Also, find a community that will be there for you in creating the major changes you wish to see.  The more support you allow yourself, the more you will be able to create and therefore give, and the more powerful you will become.



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