omen entrepreneurs like us may have grand ambitions for our businesses, but that doesn’t mean being chained to our desks—especially when technology makes traveling for work and play easier than ever!

With the right apps, it’s seriously amazing how much you can get done on the way to the airport. And when your smartphone keeps track of your travel details, your productivity, your fitness regimen and your best new ideas, it’s almost like having a PA in your pocket.

To prep your phone and tablet for your jetset lifestyle, we’ve rounded up seven amazing apps that put your business at your fingertips. With these, you can feel confident stepping out sans MacBook and be plenty productive wherever your adventures take you.

Because You’re Noteworthy

This chic note-taking app keeps all your ideas, inspirations, to-dos and appointments super organized. Evernote’s powerful software can pin anything from the web, plus capture text messages, voice memos and images—making even hand-written notes searchable across all devices. It also sets off important reminders and can share information with your contacts at a moment’s notice. For those of us visionaries who could use a little structural support in bringing our dreams to life, it’s a game changer.

Dream Team

Your team might be spread across the globe, but that shouldn’t stop you from moving together towards your goal. Here at Divine Living we use Asana to manage projects, stay on task, collaborate and share feedback. The sleek and simple platform tracks deadlines and individual responsibilities, bringing a ton of clarity to our workflow—even when we’re all in Santa Barbara. It also integrates with everything, saves essential documents and makes it easy to check in on progress from whatever poolside cabana one happens to be working in.

Jet Set Smart

No need to clumsily search through your inbox every time you go to check in for a flight or hop in a taxi on your way to the hotel. Simply forward all those confirmation emails to TripIt and allow the
app to automatically create a master itinerary. Not only is it easier than ever to access, sync and share your essential travel details, with TripIt Pro you can also get real time flight updates, the ability to locate alternate flights and better seats, plus a place to track all your miles, rewards and points.

Talent To-Go

Finding the talent you need to start that new project just got so easy, you could do it on your way to the airport. With Upwork you can access a vetted database of skilled freelancers who can design websites, write copy, develop apps, balance the books, provide virtual assistance and so much more. Interview favorites online and hire with the click of a button, cutting the usual time it takes to find the right freelancer from weeks to hours and empowering you to build your team from anywhere.

Always Bikini Ready

It doesn’t matter how state-of-the-art the hotel fitness center is, we could all use a little extra motivation to do our best on that elliptical. Enter SkyFit, an app that gives you access to studio quality workouts wherever you go. SkyFit’s elite trainers will coach you in spinning, running, elliptical, yoga and more, with classes designed for both the gym and the outdoors. It’s essential to stay active while on the road so we love this app for creating consistency—whether you’re on a treadmill soaring high above Dubai, or jogging on a gorgeous summer day in Vienna.

Laser Focused

Have you ever felt like you worked so hard all day, and yet your to-do list has only grown? Where did all that time go? This app will answer that question, giving you a complete picture of how you’ve been spending your day. Rescue Time tracks you digital activity across all devices and might surprise you with what it discovers. If it turns out hours are being drained on email, Facebook or your favorite blogs, the app will help you get organized. Block websites, set alerts and track everything you’ve accomplished to step into your most productive, balanced self. 

Messaging that Rocks

Our colleagues, friends and collaborators live and travel all over the world. Technology makes these connections easier to maintain than ever, yet sometimes an Instagram comment or thoughtfully worded email doesn’t quite express the level of love and appreciation you’d get from a handwritten card. Punkpost gets this, so they’ve created an app that gives you the best of both worlds. Simply pull out your phone, chose your card, type up your message and allow an experienced scriptist to bring it to life. And don’t worry about finding the stamps—your card will be mailed within 24 hours.



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