Claiming Your Star Power
Everything it Takes to
Be the Leading Lady of Your Life

Here at Divine Living, being a star is about living an inspiring life. Meaning, a life that inspires you as well as those around you.

If you’re ready to claim your own stardom (which I know you are), then it’s time to be set up to sustain that power. So this week we’re talking about everything a woman entrepreneur needs to be supported and thrive as the glamorous leading lady in her business and life.

Believe it or not, it all starts with honing your intuition. You hear stars say it all the time: trust your instincts. However I know that differentiating your deepest knowing from your other thoughts doesn’t always come naturally—so I’m sharing my best advice and resources to get you in-tune with your core and making great decisions.

We’re also going to be breaking down the barrier a bit more when it comes to celebrities vs. the rest of us. So many people have this idea that there’s something special about stars which allows them to live large, but the truth is they are humans just like us who come from homes and neighborhoods and families just like ours. The key difference is they’ve made decisions about their own value and worth and claimed a certain level of support for themselves. I believe all of us women entrepreneurs deserve to benefit from a star-powered support system, and I’m here to share with you how to start thinking differently about your time and money.

Next, I’m introducing you to two leading lady women entrepreneurs who are taking us behind-the-scenes and sharing their own insights on what it takes to play big as a #girlboss. First up is my dear friend Alice Hampton, Senior Global PR Director for UGG Australia. Alice is a true jet setter and publicist extraordinaire who will be sharing what it’s like to produce photo shoots with Rachel Zoe, press junkets with Tom Hardy, and go shopping with Gigi and Kendall—all the while looking fab as she flies around the world.

We’ll also be talking about the business of blogging with Stylist, Entrepreneur and Mother (of theeeeee cutest toddler) Jen Andrews. Jen has really cracked the code on generating income through her fabulous website, The art of creating and leveraging an online media presence has been phenomenal for the new woman entrepreneur, and there’s a lot we can learn from Jen’s experience.

No matter what you’re working on this year, I want to leave you with the reminder that only you can claim your own glamour and stardom. There’s no more waiting around to be discovered. We’ve all heard the Cinderella stories about Norma Jeans being identified as Marilyns, but today we are all responsible for being our own talent scout, agent, and publicist. Your job right now is to discover yourself, and then let the world find you by getting the word out about the star that you are. I know it’s in you—let’s make it happen.

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