The Freedom Factor
The Joys of Working
from Anywhere

Summer may be winding down, but for women like us the adventures never truly end. This week, we’re celebrating our ability to work from anywhere, design our own lifestyles and spend Wednesday afternoon reading on the beach should we so desire.

Personally, I’m closing out this issue with a totally renewed appreciation for the freedom that comes with running an online business. While summering in Positano, I made the big decision to embrace it and go fully virtual with my team. It was a difficult call to make in the moment, but now it has me so excited about the future. (For those of you who like to skip straight to the juicy parts, this week’s Behind the Divine will tell you everything.)

Fortunately for us wanderlusting souls, today we can connect with like-minded people globally, form communities and take them with us wherever we go. Check out our Smart Girl’s Guide to Facebook Groups to learn how to build, grow and nurture an online community around your business and brand.

Next, you’ll meet Kylie Flavell, a one-woman production company who’s built her own jet set lifestyle in a super inspiring way. As the host, camera crew, producer and editor of her own completely gorgeous travel series, Kylie caught our eye with her recent episode on Positano—it’s so beautiful we just had to share it with you here.

If Kylie’s camera magic inspires you to start planning your next summer in the Amalfi, then head straight over to this month’s City Guide to Positano for our curated list of luxurious sea-view hotels, delicious Italian restaurants, chic shopping and so much more. And as for that Wednesday afternoon on the beach? We’ve rounded up the best fun and fabulous summer novels. If you can’t remember the last time you read for pleasure, you have our full permission to indulge.

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