The Walk of Fame
Stepping Into Your Next Level of Style &
Becoming the Leader You Are Meant to Be

Our first issue of the year has been all about stepping into your star power, and to wrap it up here in Beverly Hills, this week we’re showing you even more ways to walk your talk.

I truly do believe women entrepreneurs are the new celebrities, and the more we allow ourselves to receive abundant support, look totally glamorous, and grow our businesses the smart way, the more we tap into our potential to shine inside and out, plus be role models to others.

To start, we have a little support for your wardrobe. If you thought stylists were only for actresses and models, our Editor-in-Chief and Celebrity Stylist Sam Saboura is here to make you think again. As always with Sam you can expect a good laugh, but also to learn exactly what a stylist can do for you no matter what level you’re at.

On the business side of things, it’s a great delight to have my dear friend Ellen Bradley Ganus talk to us about a big opportunity every woman should know about. As a mother and actress who has appeared in major motion pictures and television, Ellen’s journey took her from an unexpected financial challenge, to earning 7-figures through passive income. So many of us think that to make the money we desire, we’ll have to work a corporate job, or start a business completely from scratch—which can seem overwhelming. If that’s where you’re at, you’ll definitely want to check out Ellen’s story.

I rarely use the term #girlcrush, but I would be lying by omission if I didn’t tell you that’s how I feel about Lisa Messenger. As the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of one of the coolest monthly magazines out there right now, the Collective Hub, this Aussie entrepreneur has defied all odds in the publishing game, earning her the attention of none-other-than Anna Wintour (if you’ve exclusively been reading personal development books that would be Vogue’s Editor-in-Chief). So run, don’t walk to my interview with Lisa Messenger, who generously shared with us all exactly how she created her major media success.

Diving a bit deeper into leadership strategy, we have Baby Love a.k.a. my husband Dr. Glenn A. Sisk back by popular demand and sharing the core values we live by here at Divine Living. As our CEO, Glenn brings with his 25 years of business experience five beautiful guiding principles that really help to keep our team on-point—you won’t want to miss them.

Lastly, while you’re feeling empowered to up-level your leadership style and dream really big, don’t forget to treat yourself like the queen you truly are. For your next foray to LA, bookmark the latest Divine Living City Guide, featuring all of my favorite places to explore, indulge, and pamper yourself in Beverly Hills!

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