Be the Star of Your Life
Welcome to 2016—
Your Brightest Year Yet

I love the energy of early January. Everyone is buzzing with excitement. There’s something special about the change of date, that first page in a new journal, that opens us all up to totally reimagining what our lives might be, or who we might become.

As we begin 2016, I invite you to imagine yourself shining even brighter than ever before. It is time for you my dear, to be the star of your life.

Maybe all your life you’ve found yourself flipping through magazines or watching television, looking up to fabulously successful people and hearing that little voice in your head whisper: “That should be me!”
Well that voice is onto something—so listen to it. Today we women entrepreneurs do have the power to be just as glamorous and impactful as the celebrities we so admire. We can boldly create the lives that reflect our deepest desires, if only we start claiming them as our purpose.

This month’s Divine Living Magazine is dedicated to inspiring you to dream and perform BIG as you plan out your year. To start, this month’s biz column, the Gina MBA, is all about how to tap into your star power and firmly believe that the life you want is meant for you. You’ll also get my guide for creating a vision board to really bring your dreams to life—and have a ton of fun in the process.

You will be amazed by what you can accomplish in a single year and we at Divine Living are here to support you in your journey! Our in-house Entrepreneurial Astrologer, Jennifer Racciopi, has put together beautiful readings to launch your year, and I cannot wait to introduce you to trend forecaster Lynn Casey, who has some invaluable market insights to share with us.

It is so exciting to be at the start of a fresh clean slate with all of you. Remember that you absolutely have what it takes to make this year your proudest and happiest yet. Let the energy of this moment keep you open to the unknown, it happens to be the best place for creativity to soar.

  All My Love,



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