Home Sweet Home
As much as I love world travel, I do love being home with Glenn and Ginger. As you’ve learned over the past few weeks, here in SB we enjoy a fantastic selection of local food and wine, plus irresistible weather. Whenever I’m home, I settle into some of my favorite routines, including practicing yoga, throwing big dinner parties and enjoying a delicious meal at a local tavern.

To close this first issue of Divine Living, we’ll go inside my home and around my neighborhood. In our monthly entertainment guide, I’ll show you how to host the perfect springtime brunch, and we’ll meet the mother-daughter duo behind my favorite local boutique. I’m also excited to share the first ever Divine Living City Guide, which includes all of my picks from this month and more.

Being an entrepreneur, home is not only the hub of my family and social life, but of my business. I’ve been migrating more and more of my virtual team members to our office space here in Santa Barbara, which has been such an exciting time for our company. This week we’re going to talk about one of the team’s favorite topics of exploration: the lost art of manifesting your desires. I’ll share with you the feminine principles I’ve used to manifest not just wealth and career success, but a rich and inspired personal life.

It’s been such a pleasure to unveil this very first issue of Divine Living. Enjoy this last dose of classic California style, and I’ll see you next week in Sydney, Australia.

All My Love,




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