London Calling
Up to Big Things in the Center of the World

What better way to wake up from my idyllic Provençal summer than with a trip to London! After our Divine Living Academy events in Paris, Glenn and I hopped on a flight to Heathrow and off we went. I hadn’t been to London since 2012, and as if to ease my transition the city met me with the most splendid heatwave, which in London means a glorious 84 degrees and sunny.

Aside from chasing the sunshine, one of the beautiful things about travel is getting to see the world from another peoples’ point of view. We grow so accustomed to seeing through the lens of our home country’s media, and there is so much to be learned from venturing outside that bubble. As an American, I’ll admit that when I’m home, it feels like the USA is the center of the world. And then when I go to London, I realize wait no…THIS is the center of the world.

London has been a global financial power for over three hundred years and sits strategically between east and west in the world stock exchange. America may be known as a melting pot, however in my opinion it doesn’t have anything on London! Between the centuries of overseas empire building and the close proximity to so many different nations, the capital of the UK is quite the complex cauldron.

Personally, I love the energy and vibrance of the city’s rich cultural mix and it’s always fun to be surrounded by people who are up to big things in the world. The energy, the fashion, the food and the fast pace were a welcome change from the slow vibes I so enjoyed in the South of France. Plus, we managed to roll up just in time for London Fashion Week, which brought an extra dose of excitement and glamour, along with a few added Americans.

To kick off our London Issue, we’re introducing you to some of our favorite culture and lifestyle elements from the city, and stories of the pioneering women who created them. You’ll meet Charlotte Tilbury, the leading celebrity makeup artist behind the most glamorous and coveted beauty products on our shelves. We’re also taking you inside Chutney Mary, a stylish Indian restaurant where Glenn and I shared a meal that was honestly worth our whole trip to London.

Then for a bit of haute history, this month we have a romance: the story of the Brits and their love affair with tea. Unsurprisingly, it’s thanks to the work of many trendsetting women that afternoon tea became a staple of the British lifestyle—and we’ve sweetened the story with our top 12 favorite places for a luxurious tea in London.

If all of this has you feeling inspired and motivated to play big in the world, then skip straight to the business and start with this week’s story on who you’re meant to serve. As any Divine Living Academy alum can surely tell you, identifying an ideal client is the first step to building or growing a successful business, and I’m happy to share how you can create clarity around yours.

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