Welcome to Jackson Hole!
A Luxurious Escape into the Teton Mountains with My Man

At this point I don’t think anybody would be surprised to see me on a yacht somewhere, in a glorious silk caftan holding a champagne flute. However as appealing as that scenario always sounds, what I love most about my lifestyle and about Divine Living is that it’s not a limited one-note. What really inspires me in business and life is to be always evolving, expanding, and embracing new ideas.

So if you enjoyed the contrast of jumping from the Spiritual Issue in Bali to Las Vegas’ Sin City as much as I did, this season I’m thrilled to present you with another major 180. After spending September in what is perhaps the most feminine, sophisticated and classically luxurious city on the planet, Paris, we’re headed outside to the gorgeous mountains of Wyoming, getting in touch with our wilder selves as well as our masculine energy and the incredible men in our lives.

To start I’m introducing you to the main man in my life, my wonderful husband Glenn Sisk. As you might imagine from seeing photos of us together, I am very fortunate to be in tune with my man and to have him enjoy the business and lifestyle that we share. However there are plenty of activities Glenn does without me, usually with his friends—he rides motorcycles, goes to Sturges every year, and enjoys fly fishing.
After all the glamour of the City of Lights, I was called to connect with Glenn on another level. Since he loves the outdoors, the country, and the mountains, I thought—maybe it’s time for Jackson Hole. It sounded romantic.

Neither of us had ever been there, but I had always dreamed of going. In a roundabout way, Glenn is the one who gave me the idea in the first place. On our very first date, he took me to the beautiful Four Seasons Biltmore in Santa Barbara. I fell in love with not only Glenn, but also the Four Seasons! After we were married I imagined how every year on our anniversary we could go to a different FS resort. And I remember seeing Jackson Hole on the Four Seasons’ website and looking at the resort and thinking it looked unbelievably romantic even with no ocean breeze in sight.

Well it took a decade for me to actually get there, but after our trip last month I can say I absolutely loved my mountain adventure with my man at the Four Seasons! Staying in the presidential suite, surrounded by incredible views, with a fabulous spa and excellent restaurants on site, it was exactly what I needed to feel supported and comfortable. And since it was September it was the perfect sweater weather (I would never go in winter!) and I got to enjoy the beautiful autumn colors we often miss in California. Meanwhile Glenn and I went canoeing, fly fishing, and horseback riding, which really allowed us to experience a different side of each-other. It felt great to be with him in this new element, discovering a new place.

So this month I’m excited to give you a very Divine Living look at the best of what this beloved mountain town has to offer, from luxe resorts and fine dining to the most breathtaking landscapes. At the same time, we’re going to be talking about men, masculine energy, relationships, and business.

For feminine women entrepreneurs like us, it’s important that we understand what masculine energy is all about, how to use it to best support our businesses, and how to create meaningful and empowered relationships with the men in our lives. I didn’t know a trip to Wyoming could deepen my femininity, but sometimes it’s in exploring another side of yourself that you strengthen who you truly are.

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