The Spirit of Adventure
Embracing Fall as a Season of Change

Fall is my favorite season. There’s nothing like that first crisp night of the year when I finally get to pull on my cashmere sweater and socks, and cozy up next to the fire with a cup of hot chocolate and a good book.

Yet as much as the harvest season is a lovely time to be at home (like rainy Sundays in the kitchen making a nice braise) it also brings with it an energy of change. I find it’s the perfect time to start a new practice, try a new food or wardrobe update, or set off on a big adventure.

More than a voyage, adventure to me is about a state of mind. Anything new in your life, you can view as a challenge and a chore, or, you can see as a thrilling opportunity calling you to your next level. With the right mindset, pushing your edges and shaking things up can be as fun as it is rewarding.

So in the spirit of adventure, this week is all about how women entrepreneurs like us can be more brave and empowered to step outside our comfort zones as we create our lives and build our businesses.

I’m excited to introduce renowned chef and Girl Hunter author Georgia Pellegrini, who knows a thing or two about pushing your limits. Georgia’s fabulous adventure getaways in the wild challenge women to face their fears, while also celebrating with delicious food, fine wine, and luxe accommodations. In our interview, Georgia shares the story of how she bravely left her job in finance and created the meaningful career success she has today.

Talking about women facing their fears, we’re addressing one of the greatest challenges many of us face in running our businesses: handling conflict. I know what it’s like when confronting employees and colleagues with problems feels like a major stumbling block to be avoided. So hang onto your hats ladies, because it’s time to stop side-stepping and take the reins of your business! In this week’s Gina MBA, I’m sharing my best advice for handling conflict like a cowboy.

Of course it’s never all work and no play in Divine Living, and so I have a treat for all of you adventurous foodies out there. In this month’s Girl’s Guide, you’re getting a closer look at one my favorite Jackson Hole dining discoveries: wild game. You’l find that not only is it a sophisticated alternative to your typical red and white meat selects, it’s actually leaner and better for you. To shake up your kitchen routine, I’m telling you everything you need to know, plus where to get it and what to cook.

Finally, if you’ve been enjoying the masculine energy and relationship discussions in this issue of DL, you’ll be glad to know my husband Glenn is back again this week to answer a reader question for our monthly one-on-one column. It’s all about how to introduce your man to Spiritual principles and ideas like wealth consciousness. As a teaser I’ll let you in on the key: you have to make it an adventure.

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