The Slow Life en Provence
Elegant Everyday Living in
the South of France

For the finale to my grand European summer, I was called to slow it down and live like a local in a villa en Provence. This rambling countryside between the Alps and the Mediterranean is jaw-droppingly beautiful everywhere you look. Along with farms and vineyards, Provence is peppered with limestone cliffs, fields of lavender and old stone villages rising in the hills. Plus, everything you know and love about haute French culture—the food, the fashion, the art—can be found here in abundance—and with the added benefit of warm Mediterranean sunshine.

Like most destinations, to enjoy the best of Provence it makes a big difference to be in-the-know. Though I’ve visited the region several times over the years, this summer I took the opportunity to get to know it on a more intimate level. Spending seven weeks in a luxury villa gave me a deeper sense of what makes Provence so special, beyond the tourist destinations and the Riviera resort towns.

I know I’m not the only one who dreams of spending a month or more in a rustic (yet totally luxe and chic) European villa and thankfully as women entrepreneurs, we have the power to run our businesses from anywhere. Admittedly however, navigating the European rental market can be tricky and it’s taken me years to learn the ins-and-outs. But you my dear can skip the drama and go straight for the dream rental with our Smart Girl’s Guide to Renting a Villa.

Five-star hotels will always be there for us, but villa living allows you to acclimate, peel back the layers of a place, cook its locally-grown food and meet its wonderful people. As it turns out, living at an old world pace (though with all the new world amenities!), was exactly the pattern interrupt I needed to get a new perspective on my business (read the full story here). This month I’m thrilled to be sharing everything that has been so inspiring to me about my stay in Provence. Get ready for a glorious September of big-thinking business strategy and lifestyle savoir-faire, for the woman entrepreneur who’s ready to live la rêve.

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