French Lessons
A Divine Living Look at the Best of French Culture

For women like us who love a fabulous lifestyle, there is much we can learn from the French. Their sophisticated and historic culture has a certain allure that inspires us to live a little better, enjoy the wine a little longer, and immerse ourselves in all things chic.

So this week I’m teaching you some French. And in my class there are only two words you need to know: cuisine and champagne!

Starting with la cuisine (the kitchen), we’ll be talking about the essential French delicacy: cheese! My Girl’s Guide to Le Fromage tells you how to enjoy this everyday luxury in style, from knowing your way around the fromagerie to crafting the perfect cheeseboard. I’m also giving you the lowdown on the most prestigious international award in fine dining, the Michelin Star, so you can choose your restaurants with confidence.

Our next French Lesson? Champagne! I’m taking you along on my most ideal day trip through the Champagne region, showing you the best houses to tour and taste, plus exactly where to have the most elegant and memorable lunch in the land of bubbly.

If like me, you’re ready to finish out the year strong in your business, you’ll be happy to know we have a little biz school in the mix as well. In keeping with the spirit of Paris, I’m sharing the 5 practices that have allowed me to stay feminine and powerful while growing my company. I’m also introducing you to a wonderful leading lady I’m thrilled to call a friend, Paris local, photographer and entrepreneur Carla Coulson. I had so much fun working with Carla on the photos for this issue, and it’s a pleasure to share her inspiring story of moving across the world to live her dream in the City of Lights.

So as you indulge in gourmet delicacies and fine champagnes this season, remember to celebrate the moment. Take the time to fully enjoy the gorgeous autumn weather, your loved ones, and your life. The most important thing we can learn from French culture? Allowing ourselves to experience life with elegance is a way of honoring it. And that, as the French say, is “joie de vivre.”

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