How Lauren Joyce went
From Invisible Career Gal to Star of
Her Own Thriving Business

lauren-1By the time she was 25, my client Lauren Joyce already had a career that would make any parent proud. She was an in-demand American Sign Language interpreter, living in a nice apartment in Washington DC and landing great government contracts.

“While I enjoyed the profession and had some flexibility in my schedule, I felt like I wasn’t able to fully be myself.”

Impressive as it was, Lauren’s career had its limitations. “While I enjoyed the profession and had some flexibility in my schedule, I felt like I wasn’t able to fully be myself,” Lauren tells DLM. “The nature of the job is to be invisible, to show up and help others communicate, but not to express who you are.”

The work just wasn’t in line with the vision Lauren had for herself as a kid. Growing up she had big dreams of being a star, and she worked hard all throughout school to get straight As and set herself up for financial stability. And while she had achieved that, it didn’t afford her the level of creative expression and freedom she truly desired.

“I was stuck trading dollars for hours and feeling like I would never have enough to live the way I wanted.” Lauren imagined that her dreams of traveling the world, staying in fabulous hotels and enjoying a luxurious lifestyle would have to wait for one day. It was all a big maybe…until something happened that inspired her to make those dreams a definitely.

lauren-2“At the age of 25, my dad died, and I made two decisions. I would only let this loss make me a better person, and I was not going to waste any more time not living the life that I desired.” From the depths of grief Lauren committed to making a change. She signed up for personal development courses, started working on herself and began to open up to life’s unlimited possibilities.

On a mission to live a bigger purpose and create true financial freedom, it’s no surprise that Lauren found the Divine Living Academy. “I desired a coach who could help me step into the woman I was meant to become, and when I saw the community of incredible women that Gina attracts, I knew I wanted to be a part of it.”

Surrounded by hundreds of high-vibe women with dreams just like hers, Lauren had all the tools and support she needed to reach her next level of confidence, visibility, wealth and success. As we all do however, she had a few limiting beliefs to overcome:

“I was so afraid that I would have to work really hard, take on more clients than I could count, or price my services at a low rate just so people would want them. I also struggled to show up authentically online, fully as myself and trust that I would be well compensated.”

lauren-3With the support of the Divine Living Academy, Lauren traded in her old money story for a fresh new mindset. She began to work diligently on breaking the old patterns by studying wealth consciousness daily. She also started treating herself better and honoring her true desires, which empowered her to show up in a whole new way.

“I was stuck trading dollars for hours and feeling like I would never have enough to live the way I wanted.”

Over the course of 2016 as Lauren developed her brand and business, she found her true calling as a coach. Shifting her focus to love and relationships, she now works with driven, successful women to unlock their natural magnetism and attract the deep, supportive partnerships they desire.

“Not only am I so much happier to be able to truly be myself, I’ve seen huge financial gains as well! I made $20,000 in a matter of six weeks. Over the last two months my close rate has been 100% and it feels so easy! Having created this in less than two years, I now know that anything is possible for the rest of my life.”

And there you have it. Another woman entrepreneur who’s no longer just dreaming, but actually living a life that’s even better than she could have imagined—and with no limits in sight. Wondering what you might call into your life with a little extra magnetism? Check out Lauren’s tips for attracting what you desire below.


Top Three Tips
To Unlock Your
Natural Magnetism


Be Clear On Your Authentic Desires

The majority of people have no idea what they desire. Start getting in touch with your authentic desires—everything from a piece of cake to a summer in Italy. I know when I became an entrepreneur it was easy to be swept up by other people’s desires and lose touch with what was authentic to me. You will not be able to magnetize in what you want if it is not authentic to you. Your unique desires have been placed in your heart for a reason! Trust them, and have a very clear idea of what they look and feel like. Specificity is key in attraction.

Have More Fun!

Fun is the missing piece for most entrepreneurs! Having a business requires us to take action and produce a lot. What ends up happening is we get into routines and ruts that leave us feeling unfulfilled, cranky, and frustrated. Ask yourself everyday (even multiple times a day) “How can I make this action or activity more fun?” Because I love to travel and work in hotels I go to gorgeous high-vibe hotel lobbies even when I’m in my hometown. This gives me a feeling of luxury and allows me to get out of my house. I also always make sure I look and feel fabulous before I head out for the day. If I have calls and am home, I find ways to make my day fun. Dance breaks, walks and delicious food all help me stay engaged and excited.

Allow Yourself to be Magnetic

Of course you desire to be magnetic when it comes to money and clients but there are so many other ways you are already magnetic in your life! Gratitude is key for growing your ability to receive in any way. Every day I am conscious of what I am attracting my way. If I receive a compliment, a free coffee, or a nice note online, I make sure to take time and give up a little thank you. What you focus on grows, so start taking notes of all the ways you are already attracting amazing things your way! You can even start with the belief “I am so grateful for how magnetic I am!”


For more from Lauren Joyce, visit: LaurenisJoy

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