How Liselotte Ellegard Went From
Bored & Overwhelmed in a Corporate Job
to Fulfilled & Financially Free

lisel-1“When I was 18 years old, I had a dreadful work-life story going on in my head. My inner voice told me it would be impossible to make a living in a career I truly loved—or even in one I could tolerate.”

Like so many women around the world, Liselotte Ellegard simply didn’t see a path through life that would satisfy her desires. Growing up in Denmark, what was modeled for her was how to fit in, work hard and collect a pay check. So she did just that, taking a job in the corporate world as an accounts assistant.

“I was sooooo bored in that job and it was so not me,” Liselotte tells DLM. “It was such a bad fit, I remember being criticized even for the way I put stamps on envelopes!”

Liselotte may not have had a clear idea of what else was possible for her, but deep down she understood there had to be more. “One day I went to the boss and said, ‘If I stay here one more day I will fade away like that wilted plant over there.’”

After boldly quitting her job, Liselotte found work at a kindergarten, but while she loved the kids she knew her dreams wouldn’t be fulfilled by a life in the classroom. “Something stirred in me. There was something way bigger I wanted to do—I just didn’t know what it was yet.”

lisel-2The point of no-return for Liselotte came seemingly out of the blue, while she was walking down the street with a friend. “Suddenly I felt my thoughts were way ahead of me and I noticed I was not at all in the present moment. My breathing fell out of rhythm and I became dizzy and panicked. I had to drop down on the grass. All I could hear was my friend saying something like ‘Breath all the way down to your belly.’ It felt like meaningless advice—but she was right.” 

In that moment, Liselotte discovered the power of her own mind—if only briefly. Aware of her breathing, she experienced a flash of clarity and presence where all of her fear and stress vanished. And though the anxiety quickly returned, she couldn’t shake the knowing that it was time to make some major changes.

“For 3 months I lived at home with no job. I thought I was going to die or go mad. I had no idea what kind of changes I was going through. Little did I know that this crisis would catapult me into exactly that bigger thing I was longing for.”

Step by step, Liselotte developed a meditation practice and challenged herself to face her fears and lisel-3anxiety. Out of the chaos, she discovered her true desires and a new vision for her life, one that included travel, freedom and meaningful work. She began to study psychology and mindfulness and to work as a therapist and coach.

As she developed herself and launched her business, her vision for her life grew and grew. Still, one important piece was missing.

“My call to service was a seed that I had nursed for so many years and was finally ready to sprout and bloom. But I just didn’t know how to make a living from it and I struggled to bring in more than 2k a month.”

Tired of playing the heroine, Liselotte acknowledged that maybe it was time to call in support. For years her fears around money had held her back from investing in a business coach, but she knew real change required radically different action. “I did an intense visualization to attract the right support. One day later, I got an email. I clicked the link and watched Gina’s videos from Paris. I cried tears of recognition. Finally I found the answer!”

Liselotte knew the Divine Living Academy was exactly the support she was looking for. We worked with Liselotte to re-write the old money story from her teenage years and implement the right structures. Six months into the program, her business began to transform. “I had been afraid to invest my savings, reserved for an adoption, thinking they might never come back. I learned—if you don’t want something to happen, don’t focus on it!”

Instead, Liselotte focused on the vision she desired to create and the impact she wanted to have. And it worked! “Now I have a 20-24k per month business and growing. I’m in a place where investing is easy, fun and simply an adventure. I trust that when there is something I long to do, it’s meant to be, so I give money out to receive what I desire…it’s a much more natural process. There is so much more for me to learn and that is fantastic!”

We could not be more thrilled to see another fab woman entrepreneur going after her dreams and doing life on her own terms! We asked Liselotte to share her unique take on how to transform your money story and create the career of your dreams. Enjoy!


Top Three Tips
For Transforming Your Money Story


Challenge Yourself Without
the Overwhelm

I remember I started challenging my own beliefs when I went through an anxiety crisis as a young adult. Whenever I became frightened about going after something I wanted, I started to ask myself what would happen if I allowed my fear to control me. It became obvious that it would make me a prisoner. I would never travel or live the life I desired in my heart. Since then I’ve taken action on everything I’ve been afraid to do as long at it was a step toward what I longed to achieve. Ask yourself: “What else is possible for me other than burnout and feeling bored in my work life?”  Be open for what comes up for you because you WILL get answers. While the answer is coming, stay focused on the present step you are taking right now rather than spinning into overwhelm.

Let the Power of Your Longing
Help Achieve What You Desire

To feel the depth of longing has been the most powerful tool I have ever used to transform pain—including my money story. The power of love literally makes you achieve what you desire. Deep down we all have a longing that has the same origin, the same source. It’s evidence of your own soul calling and a promise that you can make your desires real in the world, if you act on it. To restore the connection to your soul, allow yourself to feel the longing and allow it to work for you. Your desires to create, to travel and to have financial freedom are just as authentic your desires for a beautiful love life, good health and having a child. So GO FOR your heart’s longings. Trust that if you long for a career with lots of time freedom, joy, travel and meaningful work then that’s what you’re supposed to create.

Be Playful and Creative in
Every Aspect of Your Business

I’ve found that playfulness is the attitude that bring me clients and allows me to let money circulate. If I get a restrictive thought around spending money, I make a shift to playfulness. When I’m in the creative flow, spending money becomes such a natural thing and it comes back in bigger and bigger portions. Is that a strategy? Yes, because even the online structures I have implemented to make money have been created with as much playfulness and creativity as possible—every Facebook post, every photo shoot, every tech tool, every sales page and every team meeting. I simply thrive and sell more with a playful and creative attitude.


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