How Serena Sandstrom Left Her Corporate Fashion
Job for True Jet Set Freedom



For 14 years, Finland native Serena Sandstrom had a dream career. As a womenswear buyer for some of the biggest names in retail, she lived a fabulous life in London and frequently jet set to New York, LA, Paris and Shanghai on business trips.

“I’ve always loved fashion, so working in the industry was rewarding and fulfilling.” Serena told DLM recently. “But then five years ago I moved to Australia—so far from my friends and family in Finland. I started to dream about having my own business and creating a lifestyle that would allow me to travel to Europe more often and more easily.”

To leave her corporate job and start something of her own seemed like a big risk. Entrepreneurship didn’t exactly run in Serena’s family. Even going into the fashion industry had been a leap outside the box, but after a year of pre-med Serena’s intuition told her she was destined for something more than the “safe” path.

Soon enough Serena found herself trading Elle and Vogue for Tony Robbins and Marianne Williamson. She started to feel as lit up about personal development and business building as she had felt about fashion all those years ago. She began training in coaching and NLP and discovered a true gift for empowering others. Having followed her instincts before, she knew she was being led toward something big.

“Leaving the ‘golden handcuffs’ of a double six-figure package with a car allowance took a lot of inner work and courage. Fortunately the universe interfered to give me the final kick up the pants.” A change in leadership at her company told Serena it was time for her to try something different. She resigned from her job, made her success a non-negotiable and brought in $50k in her first year as a coach, knowing that was only the beginning.

“I stopped asking for ‘enough’ and started asking for more.”

“A good friend of mine had enrolled in the Divine Living Academy and spoke highly of Gina, so I started following her on social media. The way she combines personal development and the business of coaching with a luxury lifestyle element was an instant match for me.”

Serena knew that the Divine Living Academy was exactly the program that could help her create the jet set lifestyle she desired and decided to enroll to take her biz to the next level. We worked with Serena to transform her mindset from corporate gal to empowered business woman and create a new set of core beliefs around money. Now, her dream of working from anywhere is her reality.

“Having an inspirational role model who is fully living the lifestyle that I desire and making fantastic money from it has been the biggest key in transforming my wealth consciousness. I stopped asking for ‘enough’ and started asking for more. I’m now consistently bringing in $20k per month and have recently achieved an $87k launch with a sold out group program!”

“More important than the money Serena’s making is the woman she’s become in the process.”

More important than the money Serena’s making is the woman she’s become in the process. Through the experience of building a successful business in just three years, she’s developed a deep faith and confidence in the value of her work. Knowing that making money doesn’t have to be really really difficult, she’s now helping women all over the world create financial freedom on their own terms.

“I now feel at ease about running a business and making less ‘traditional’ lifestyle choices—such as renting and investing in my business instead of focusing on paying off the mortgage. It’s all because I KNOW my power of being able to create the exact financial future that I desire…and I want to have as much fun along the way as possible! I’m taking a stand for living my dream life NOW, not one day.”

Wondering when you might start living your dream life? If you seek to develop the same kind of unshakeable moneymaking confidence that Serena has, check out her three tips for facing financial uncertainty below. We all run into challenges along our entrepreneurial paths, so take a cue from Ms. Sandstrom and learn how to keep your head in the game.

Top Three Tips
for Facing Financial Uncertainty
as a Woman Entrepreneur


Learn the difference between
emotion and logistics

When money is restricted in some way, it’s easy to go into fear and overwhelm and let the story take over. In this moment, your fears and beliefs are getting in the way and making your experience much worse than it needs to be. To break the emotional spin, a great question to ask is: “Setting aside the emotions, what is my life really like logistically?” Ask yourself: “What kind of home do I live in? What kind of relationships do I have around me? What kind of business do I get to run? What’s my lifestyle like?” And what are you finding?! Exactly—when you remove the fear and uncertainty, you’ll get to connect to the truth about the things that are actually great about your business and life. You’ll realize that this is just a passing moment and that you are in fact so capable of handling it.

Stay connected to gratitude

Gratitude is the strongest antidote to fear. So this is the time to find the things that you are truly grateful for—even in this difficult situation. What’s really great about this situation? What are the gifts in this? For me I’ve found there’s generally a message around alignment with a business or lifestyle decision that needs addressing, or it’s the Universe giving me another opportunity for personal growth—to become an even stronger, more resourceful and more capable leader for my business, and an even better coach for my clients. And don’t forget, pressure makes diamonds.

Lift the sales line

Sales fix everything. I remember as a retail buyer, when sales were tough and our stock started to build, there was a tendency to start cancelling future orders.  But that was a lot harder than just a few good days of trade. Running a great promotion would always bring in the needed cash and the stock in line fast. So this is the time to focus on money-making activities and lifting your sales line. Run a flash sale. Launch something new fast. Follow up on potential prospects. How can you make some extra sales?

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