How My Client Christine Miskinis Finally Gave
Herself Permission to Be Both a Great Mom 
and a Brilliant Business Woman

christine-1Christine Miskinis had already been working as a health coach for four years when she became my client. As a coach, she was generating some attention online and in the media, with a few Dr. Oz appearances under her belt, but she hadn’t yet found out how to earn the money she knew she deserved.

Christine first discovered her feminine intuition and power when, at 24, pre-cancerous cells were found in her stomach and esophagus, prompting her to take a radical new perspective on life.

“I knew that the diagnosis was the direct result of not listening to my intuition for so long, pushing my way through life and silencing my own voice.” Christine says of the experience. “That moment in the Doctor’s office, I realized that no one was going to ‘save’ me and that only I was responsible for my life—body, mind and spirit.”

Having struggled with digestive illness her whole life, Christine’s inner voice said to hit pause and focus on healing. This time, she listened. She made the commitment to dramatically change her diet and lifestyle. Miraculously, within six months her body was healed.

After this transformative experience, Christine felt a desire to share her knowledge and empower more women to take control of their health and wellbeing. At the same time she began coaching, Christine also started a family, and focused her business on helping moms like herself.

“I absolutely loved what I was doing. However I was struggling with finding clients and having a steady cash flow, and it wasn’t a sustainable business. One year I made a total of $7k and was wondering if I had what it takes to be an entrepreneur. I thought it was because I was a mom, and that maybe I wasn’t allowed to do both well.”

christine-2So many women wind up here at some point, feeling torn and emotionally drained. Christine wanted to stay home and be with her babies, but she also had an unshakable desire to coach, speak her voice, and share her gifts with the world.

Thankfully Christine would soon discover a new way to do business and life—one that’s all about the and, not the or. A long-time listener to my Divine Living Radio Show, Christine heard that I was starting a new program called the The Divine Living Academy of Business and Coaching. She felt ready to up-level her biz in the same way she had up-leveled her health years earlier, so she became one of our first students!

We immediately went to work on Christine’s money story—the one that said she couldn’t possibly be a good mother and a successful business woman.

“I realized that I had been carrying around generations of beliefs that weren’t necessarily my own—that money was hard to earn, that I could only make enough to just get by, and that I didn’t have enough money for my desires.”

christine-3Above all the most valuable lesson Christine learned was that she did not have to choose between her children and her career. Once she gave herself permission to do both, she began to let go of the little things—like being the only one to clean her house, or pick up her kids from school—and invest more time and money into creating her dreams.

Huge shifts began to happen. A few months into the Academy, Christine started to bring in $10k a month and only went up from there, all the while working according to her own schedule, and enjoying plenty of quality time with her kids at home and on fun vacations.

“Today, I have a life that fuels me. Gina has modeled for me that you don’t need to be a ‘celebrity’ to have the life of a rock star! Traveling, doing what you love, spending time raising a family, nurturing your relationships and being of service in the world is all part of the gig.”

I couldn’t agree more! Ready to be the star of your life? Read on for Christine’s best advice for creating the success you deserve.

Learn More About Christine by Visiting Her Website: rockitoutwoman.

Christines’s Top Three Tips For Transforming Your Money Story


Trust Your Inner Voice
Through my own journey of Healing, I learned to listen to my inner voice, receive guidance through my Intuition and trust that life is always happening for me, not to me. This required me to stop fighting, forcing and pushing my way through life. It also meant that I needed to stop searching outside of myself for answers. I had to stop asking to be saved, and instead save myself. This also applies to money. Healing your money story requires you to be in your power. You must find your own Voice. Don’t buy into other people’s money stories because then you’re just giving your power away. Don’t settle for what the mainstream says you can and cannot have when it comes to making money as a woman. The greatest thing I learned is that connection equals currency (money), so pay attention to how you are treating yourself and others, and how you are showing up in your life.

Nourish Your Relationship With Money
Your relationship to money is the same as your relationship to your partner or children. The same principles apply. Love money and money will love you back. Pay attention to money and it multiplies. Give and receive money so it’s valued and track your money so you’re consciously creating and spending it. Don’t judge, blame or talk badly about your money—you wouldn’t do that to a loved one. As a woman, you can change what’s possible for your own family, children and spouse included. Decide that you will change your money story and stay committed to making it happen. End the limiting beliefs and open up to abundance.

Be the Star of Your Life
Since I was a little girl, I’d always dreamt of being a star. I’ve been a singer and performer my whole life but something was ignited within me when I discovered the truths of our world. I became the Badass, the Leader and the RockStar of my Business and my Life! Business, to me, is about sharing my messages of Healing, Power and Rocking my Voice! Suddenly, I was given a platform for doing the “work” I loved most, empowering other women through sharing my story, my voice, my message and taking it to the stage. To become a Star in your Business you must connect to your own story and share both the personal and universal messages that live within you, while expressing your Voice out in the world. The money comes through BEing you in your Business. It’s what I call, “BE-You-tiful Success.” So stand in your power, express your voice and Rock it Out, Woman!



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