jessica-n-1“I remember thinking ‘I should be happy,’” Jessica told me recently, “But I felt so lost when it came to what I was meant to be doing with my life. I was 24, and waking up to the fact that getting a ‘good job’ wasn’t necessarily going to make me happy, but I didn’t know what else there was out there.”

When Jessica Nazarali signed up for the Academy Business & Coaching Certification Program in 2014, she was just 26. Along with holding down a high-profile full-time job, she had been busy running her own wellness blog/online health store, and had just discovered her call to coaching. She desired to finally leap from the corporate ladder, and focus exclusively on creating a meaningful and luxurious life.

Jessica’s story is such a great example of a woman daring to ask for more from life, rather than settling into something “good enough.”

I’ve been there, and perhaps you’ve been there or are there, too. Sometimes when you’re lost, all it takes is one step in a new direction to set you on the right path. For Jessica, that step was putting herself out there and starting her blog.

“Blogging gave me something to channel my time and energy into while I worked out what I wanted to do with my life.” She quickly discovered a whole community of cool, creative, like-minded women entrepreneurs, and started to see that by becoming visible in the world, she could attract the audience, support and clients needed to grow a business.

jessica-n-2With a background in biz development and an eye for personal branding, Jessica quickly became an It Girl on the scene. Bloggers and entrepreneurs started seeking out her help on how to launch their businesses and attract media attention, so Jess decided to offer her services as a coach.

She soon found how much she loves empowering women to discover and create their brands. Her next goal? Really making money as a certified coach. So Jess decided to sign up for the Academy to make her business highly profitable and take her own brand to the next level.

During her time in the Academy, we worked on everything from nuts-and-bolts business strategy to confidence, presence, and self-mastery to really build out Jessica’s vision. Just a few months into her time working with me, she took the plunge and left her corporate job!

Specializing in helping new coaches stand out and spread their message, Jess launched new coaching packages and online courses that would more than replace her full-time salary. In 2014, the same year that Jessica received her Divine Living Coaching Certification, she made $140k in her first year of her coaching business. This year? She’s already at $320k in just 6 months!

I could not be more proud of Jessica, and how she transformed her own money story of what was possible for her in such a short amount of time.

If you’ve been feeling unfulfilled by your full-time job and thinking about how to transition into a new lifestyle, I definitely recommend you check out her inspiring e-book “Leaping from the Corporate Ladder.” Even if you’re not ready to leap today, remember that your new life begins with just one step.

Learn more about Jessica by visiting her website: jessicanazarali.com

1. Get Clear on Your Desires
How much money do you desire, by when, and for what exact purpose? Get crystal clear, write it down, and feel that it’s possible.

2. Take Inspired Action
Make sure the actions you are taking everyday are supporting you to hit your money goal. Ask yourself throughout the day, is this helping me get one step closer to achieving my desire? If yes, do more of it, if not, change your actions.

3. Create a Positive Vibration
Surround yourself with people who are up to big things in the world and have a healthy relationship with money. Believe that you are worthy of receiving wealth and trust that you will.



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