My Guide to Visualizing &
Creating a Life that Inspires You

Why are many of the world’s most successful people into vision boards? (Oprah, Katy Perry, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Spanx founder Sara Blakely—just to name a few.) Having specific visuals to represent your goals and desires is a powerful tool to focus your mind, build confidence and faith in your dreams, and inspire the action needed to make it all happen.

How does it work? Here’s the thing about your subconscious mind: it doesn’t know the difference between what is real and what is imagined, and yet it has a lot of influence over your behavior and what you attract in life. (Read our story on how the mind works in pictures for a deeper dive into the science behind manifesting.) This is why mantras and affirmations work—when you repeat something over and over again, you reprogram your subconscious mind.

The point (and fun) of a vision board is to have an even more powerful and dynamic reminder for your subconscious, something you can immerse yourself in or meditate on every day.

Think about when you get sucked into Pinterest or Instagram, and you come out an hour later, and you’re like “where have I been?” You might be full of excitement and feeling a rush as you just spent all this time gazing at gorgeous pictures, absorbing their frequency. And that is the kind of high-vibe energy you want to bring to your work and life.

Pinterest has become my favorite tool for vision boarding. If you’re not already on it this may be your moment to sign up. With a brand new year ahead of us, it’s time to become conscious of the images you expose yourself to daily, and create a crystal clear vision of the epic life you’ll be creating.

I know that it can be a little overwhelming to arrive at Pinterest and even decide what to start searching, so I’ve created a guide to help you get super specific. Most people never get specific about what they want in life, because they’re afraid it will never happen anyway—but specificity is the key, and we know fear never produces good results. So, to help you find the right mix of images for an epic year, here is everything you need to think about to build a vision board that dreams BIG:

1 Your Next Big Adventure(s)
If you’re reading this magazine, chances are you love travel as much as I do! I like to start with mapping out my dream trips, as it really sets the tone for my year. Maybe you’ve always wanted to rent a villa in Tuscany, take a luxury train across Scotland, or spend a month finding yourself in Bali. Wherever it is, find it: the most beautiful place that speaks to you, with no limitations. 



2 The Woman You Desire to Be
What’s your next personal up-level? Your confidence, your compassion, your leadership? Your friendships, your courage? Go ahead and pop it into the search! It’s great to add words to your Pinterest board—beautifully type-set inspirational quotes, affirmations, and mantras. Seeing these regularly alongside photographs will help you become the person who is willing and able to make it all happen.



3 Your Creative Spirit
To stay creative, it’s so important to always take care of yourself spiritually, physically, and artistically. Consider what you desire to pursue or enjoy to further develop yourself and your passions. Maybe you want to get in touch with your artistic side, with your body and health, develop your personal life or a stronger spiritual practice. Think about what that might look like: Fashion school? A cooking class? A meditation retreat? Healthier eating? Daily writing practice? More time with friends and loved ones? There is probably more than one! Find gorgeous photos that embody how you imagine all this time would feel, where it might be, or what it looks like, in as much detail as possible.



4 Your Next Level of Luxury
What are you ready to command and create the best of in your life? Perhaps you’re done flying coach, in which case you might find an image to remind you of business, first class or private travel. Maybe you want to really elevate your style and enjoy more luxurious clothing—so mine the best street style snaps, magazine editorials, and luxe clothing brands to paint a picture of your dream wardrobe. Or, you’re seeing yourself making more frequent visits to your favorite spas. Perhaps all of the above! Pinpoint the 5 areas that are really important to you this year, and look for images to represent how they would be ideally.



5 The Impact You Desire
You might ask yourself, what are my career goals this year? If you’re working on creating or growing a meaningful business, then start with your purpose. If you’re here to have a major impact as I know you are, then the best question to ask is: what can I create this year that would use my talents and abilities to serve the world? Maybe there’s a book you want to write, or a course you want to develop. Maybe you want to better integrate your business with your passions, or grow your team so that you can help more people. Whatever it is, think about what that looks like for you—moving into a bigger office? Hosting a retreat somewhere? What is your work environment like? What do you wear to your next big event? Allow your detailed imagination of your success to inform the images you select.




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