The Women Who Go For It

Showing Up Fully as the Feminine
Business Powerhouse You’re Meant to Be

Divine Living is about the total life: a meaningful career, a luxurious lifestyle, a great relationship with yourself and your beloved, a fabulous social life, and the opportunity to give back and create impact. And this week we have a little slice of everything—style, business, and personal growth—all set in beautiful San Francisco!

First we’re helping you step up your spring style, starting with a fab new collection of Divine Finds to spruce up your office, plus our delicious menu for an elegant Easter party. Next we’re introducing you to Entrepreneur-turned-Investor Jenny Lefcourt. As one of Silicon Valley’s most prominent women VCs and the Founder of several successful companies, we’re thrilled to have Jenny here to answer our biggest questions about raising capital.

If you’re currently working on taking your business to new heights, then you know the most important thing is to never give up. Perseverance is one of those words that doesn’t sound very fun, however I’ve found it doesn’t have to be the grueling experience we imagine it to be. Check out my take on a feminine approach to consistently aiming high in all areas of your life—and don’t miss this month’s One-on-One column, where I share the one thing I would tell my younger self when I was first starting out in business.

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P.S. Are you allowing yourself to have it all? I’m interested to know—which areas of your life do you give the most time and attention to? Which go overlooked? Which articles inspired you to take a stand for the AND? Leave us a note in the comments below!


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