The South African Documentary that Will
Inspire You to Go Global


raveling as much as I do through a world that’s increasingly connected, you kind of start to feel like everywhere is home. While in South Africa, Glenn and I watched a movie that captured this so beautifully. Searching for Sugar Man splits its time between Cape Town and my childhood home of Detroit, Michigan. The award-winning documentary tells the incredible story of an obscure Mexican-American musician known as Rodriguez, who unknowingly became a South African rock and roll legend.

In the seventies and eighties, Sixto Rodriguez sold more records in South Africa than Elvis. His songs were so popular (and still are!), that even children knew the lyrics. Some of his tunes even became anti-apartheid anthems, achieving great cultural significance and being banned by the government.

While in the US, Rodriguez was promptly dropped from his label after his two albums flopped, in a parallel universe, he was a superstar icon on par with Bob Dylan and Cat Stevens. And yet, to his millions of fans across the globe, the man behind the music was a total mystery. Legends revolved around a dramatic on-stage suicide, so for decades most people considered him dead.

In the mid-90s, two South African music pros decided to uncover the true story of Rodriguez and how he died. Searching for Sugar Man takes you behind the scenes of their investigation, interviewing the people who knew the mysterious artist and retracing his steps. What the documentary ultimately reveals will uplift, surprise and inspire you, but you’ll have to watch to find out.

It’s impossible to imagine a story like Sixto Rodriguez’s happening today, when a musician—or any kind of creative entrepreneur—can immediately find their people no matter where they are. I highly recommend you watch this moving documentary and anchor in that the possibilities for success in 2017 are truly of global proportions.



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