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ivine Living Magazine is all about women entrepreneurs having a divinely inspired career and a luxurious lifestyle. It’s about enjoying the best of what life has to offer, while contributing great value to the world.

In my work as a transformational coach and radio show host, I support and empower women to create the careers, businesses, and lives of their dreams. I teach that women can be powerful and wealthy without giving up our femininity, and that we can manifest our desires (all of them) with the help of each other, God and the Universe.

Here at Divine Living we love the total life experience, from wearing high-fashion clothing and staying in glamorous hotels, to profoundly developing ourselves personally, professionally, and spiritually. We invest in the inner and outer practices that nurture our bodies, minds, and souls, to expand our femininity and enter our power as women business owners.

I always encourage my audience and clients to listen closely to their interests and passions, because I know that the real miracles happen when we open up to unlimited possibility. Last year, I decided it was time to listen more closely to my own intuition and desires.

I’ve always dreamed of creating a magazine, one that included topics like personal mastery, professional success, and spiritual development, plus lifestyle guidance for the life behind the woman entrepreneur.

I believe that women learn how to be women from other women. Though in many ways I’m a professional business mentor, I didn’t see a place to learn how to do business, style, confidence, relationships, entertaining, and femininity all in one place. All from one woman—because yes, you can do them all.

Of course I don’t claim to be all things to all women. Instead my promise is to offer a behind-the-scenes look at how I do life, personally and professionally. In sharing my own story, I want to create a place where women of all ages and from all countries can explore their desires, deepen their femininity, and maybe even drop a kitchen phobia. Alongside business and personal development guidance, you’ll learn the effortless way to host a spring brunch and discover how to spend 5 perfect days in St. Tropez.

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