A Journey into Ancient Femininity & Spirituality for Modern Day Women

enevolent Queens are Revolutionizing Everything:

Leadership. Womanhood. Success. Purpose. Career freedom. Femininity. Work/life “balance.” Self-care. Finances. Values. Contribution. Citizenship. Service.


In this bold new era, each of us is called to stand for, live up to, and represent our own unique truth. That one-of-a-kind spiritual essence that no one else can replicate…

Yet, while the details of our lives are personal, the ultimate purpose of becoming our BEST selves, is universal.

Women like us are rising up for a REASON…

“For such a time as this,” we’re here to provide the feminine leadership our world so desperately needs.

To model what it looks like to lead, create wealth and wield power with spirit, love, compassion, intuition, presence, forgiveness and peace…

And to create EPIC success from a place of abundance, collaboration and unity vs. scarcity, competition and separateness.

From this loving perspective, we see that to reach our full potential as feminine leaders, to give the world our very best, we must allow ourselves to receive. Abundantly.

It’s up to each and every one of us to live our lives from this place of Queen, so we can fulfill our calling unapologetically, with power, purpose and benevolence.

We no longer have to neglect who we are as women, sisters, partners, mothers, lovers and souls. We no longer have to suffer in silence or work to the bone in isolation, trying to figure everything out by ourselves.

We can lift ourselves up into the highest realms of consciousness, ask for Divine guidance, and create our success as Queens, championed by mentors and sisters to stand in our true power.

I created this elite growth community because I didn’t see anywhere else out there supporting high-level women in walking the extraordinary path of Queenhood.

If you’re earning beyond six-figures in your career and are committed to your evolution as a woman AND as a leader, then you’re invited to apply.

This mentorship is here for you to not only multiply your income or make your dream project a smashing success, (though YES, expect to work on THAT)…

Above all, this is your safe space to be a brilliant, vibrant, feminine woman in a community where every single one of us dares to claim the best for ourselves.

It’s where you get to be given to, to feel luxurious, and to be seen as even bigger than you may see yourself…

In this program, you will become the Benevolent Queen: the woman capable of shining through every challenge, uplifting everyone around you, and making a major contribution doing what you love most!

This EPIC life is your birthright, your purpose, and your destiny!

Submit your application today and let’s answer YOUR highest calling.

All my love,
Gina DeVee

elcome to the only group where high-level women are mentored from a spiritual perspective to create the best possible outcomes in every area of their lives.

You’re not only here to launch your dream projects & hit your financial goals…

You’re here to say YES to soul-satisfying relationships, total spiritual confidence, showing up in your full feminine glory and experiencing the finer things in life every single day, unapologetically.

By becoming the Benevolent Queen, you are finally empowered to give back and create your legendary legacy. Along the way, this elite community is your sacred space to receive, connect, and be guided on a path of epic fulfillment.

  • Work with a Top Multimillionaire Success Coach to Create Your Next Level the Feminine Way
  • Receive Spiritual Mentorship and Expert Business Guidance to Advance Your Spirit-Led Career
  • Scale Your Business into the Multiple-6-Figures with an Ideal Model that Allows You to Be Your Best Self
  • Design Your Ideal Lifestyle, Prioritize What’s Worth Your Energy and Be More Productive Than Ever
  • Have the Creativity & Clarity to Launch Spiritually-Aligned Dream Projects that Light You Up AND Move You Forward
  • Deepen Your Divine Connection and Feel Unshakeable Confidence in Your Life’s Direction
  • Enhance Your Femininity, Claim Your Right to Luxury and Take Amazing Care of YOU Every Step of the Way
  • Tap Into Deeper Levels of Presence & Pleasure, Have More Time for Play and Enjoy Work More Than Ever
  • Elevate Your Brand with High-End Travel Experiences and Align Yourself With Women Who Share Your Epic Journey
  • Live Out Your Greater Purpose, Create Your Legacy and Give Back to the World in the Way ONLY YOU Can!
Experience The Best in Transformational Travel

Event 1
September 26-27

A Queen is a master at the feminine arts of entertainment, beauty, allure and seduction. What better place to tap into this powerful energy than in Venice, where the great Renaissance Courtesans lived epic lives as the multi-talented keepers of pleasure and culture. Whether you’re seeking to spice up your love life or attract greater success in your career, this is the ultimate transformational experience for you.

Event 2
Udaipur, INDIA
january 21-22

Event 3
Spring 2020

Ready to fulfill your HIGHEST CALLING & Live Your Most EPIC Life?

Here’s HOW…

Stay spiritually-aligned and thinking like a Queen. Meet with Gina DeVee, guest experts and your elite community twice a month for an exclusive Queen training and group coaching session. Ask Gina your question and receive the personalized attention, expert perspective and transformative insights to nurture and elevate every area of your life.
JOIN US MONDAYS FROM 9:30am-11:30am PST*

Give yourself the luxurious private attention every Queen deserves. In addition to your coaching with Gina, you’ll work PRIVATELY with a top Divine Living Coach who’s mastered Gina’s philosophy, and who will hold you to Queenly standards of creativity, self-care and progress. That way, you’ll never fall off-track while creating your spirit-led desires, or out of alignment with what’s true for you and your purpose.

Be at the epicenter of the most exciting conversations on the planet. Inspired by iconic feminine leaders of eras past, Gina has designed all-new live content specifically for you to deepen into your Queenhood. These haute travel experiences for Queen members ONLY will have you jet-setting to legendary locales, discovering powerful new parts of yourself, and returning home with a fire lit in your soul every single time.

Access Gina’s most up-to-date collection of training modules for women scaling up beyond multiple-6-figures. The Queen Advanced Training Suite gives you nuts-and-bolts strategies to better leverage your time and create exponential growth in your business. Whether you’re launching a group program, hosting a telesummit or running a social media campaign, this exclusive curriculum reveals the steps Gina took to scale her biz so you can do the same.

Have Gina DeVee’s largest signature program and community at your fingertips. Enrollment in Queen grants you access to Divine Living Academy Live Events and group video calls, giving you an added boost of motivation and guidance. Also enjoy instant-access to latest-edition scripts and templates, step-by-step marketing trainings, meditation audios, bonus resources, plus the complete on-demand coaching demo library for you to study Gina’s masterful sessions with high-end clients.

No Queen thrives in isolation. Enjoy your high-vibe home-base to connect with Gina and your fellow feminine leaders daily. In this intimate, safe space, you’re free to be who you are as a woman, without ever worrying about shining too brightly or dreaming too big. Share your victories, swap resources, and make travel plans, because this one-of-a-kind community is on this epic journey together.
You are destined to give A LOT in this world…

  • Deeply committed to fulfilling your extraordinary purpose and making your personal growth non-negotiable
  • Taking radical responsibility for having the most deeply soul-satisfying, abundantly peaceful, top-to-bottom beautiful, and positively influential life possible
  • Cultivating an unshakeable spiritual connection, and the unwavering self-worth to show up in your full feminine glory
  • Craving deeper development of your feminine power: your sense of allure, mystery, intuitive decision-making, and knowing how to set yourself up for success
  • Envisioning yourself making a major contribution and leaving a lasting legacy while experiencing even greater pleasure & presence in your work and lifestyle
  • Already earning more than six-figures consistently and determined to keep dreaming, showing up and thinking like a true Queen
  • Thrilled to have a high-level community of lifelong friends to jet-set with and experience the BEST of what the world has to offer!
  • Beyond grateful to be alive in this EPIC moment and infinitely excited to step up as a Benevolent Queen on the global stage…
It’s time for you to step into your royal robes, declare your truth and claim the best for yourself

AND you are on this planet to be EXTRAORDINARY!
  • 24 Live Queen Training + Q&A Calls with Gina DeVee and/or experts twice every month
  • 12 Private 60-Minute Coaching Calls with your Divine Living Coach, once every month
  • 3 Exclusive Luxury Queen Events, all-new destination experiences to deepen your Queenhood
  • Advanced Entrepreneurial Training Suite, modules and business strategy to multiply your business
  • Exclusive Queen Facebook Group, a safe space for high-level, daily conversation
  • Elite Access to Divine Living Academy group coaching calls, live events and content library
  • Membership Site with Lifetime Access to all materials

$8,500 DEPOSIT
+ 11 payments of $1,818

If you have any questions about the application process or program, please email us at questions@divineliving.com or click below to book a call with a Divine Living Team Member.