We know the universal laws. Now is the time to start applying them! We are so blessed to understand that we have the power to create our reality. And when we apply this knowledge in everyday life, we train our brains to think differently. We break through the default lower vibrations and joyfully raise to meet all the miracles.

When we make higher vibrations our habit, we win every single time. This is how we can go through life with so much more success, so much more power, so much more grace, so much more abundance, and of course, so much more joy and happiness. 

Today I want to call on you, Queen, to all of us really, so we can practice what we preach. I’ll go through manifesting principles and give you some examples that will serve you well on this path. Let’s get started!

Key points discussed

  • Changing the everyday narrative (00:00)
  • Everything is happening for us, not to us (06:23)
  • The universe always knows best (14:33)
  • Let’s put our energy into joy and abundance (17:41)
  • The three simple steps in the manifesting process (23:20)
  • Open up to new blessings in your life (29:35)

Additional resources

I’d also be so honored to hear your takeaways! Screenshot this episode and tag me on Instagram at @ginadevee. Let’s get talking, my dear Queen!

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