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How to Be Okay When Others Aren’t
Outgrowing Your Circle

You’re GROWING. Spiritually, personally, professionally…

Not everyone around you will understand or approve of your choices.

And not everyone around you will be evolving the way you are…in fact some might be self-destructing so badly that it’s breaking your heart!

It’s a whole lotta judgement and drama we get trapped in as social creatures and yes, there is a way out that is better for EVERYONE!!!

In this Episode, I’m sharing a spiritual perspective on how to be okay when the people around you aren’t.

It’s time for you to elevate the energy in your life so you can live out your purpose as Queen!


Gina DeVee

P.S. This is a tender topic, so let’s go deeper. Leave a comment about what relationship you’re going to surrender, and share this Episode so women like us can move forward in the way we’ve been called to!

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