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Permission Granted to Treat Yourself!
Your Version of the Good Life

You appreciate the finer things in life. Beautiful surroundings, delicious food, clothes that feel fabulous on your body…

A lot of women do, and yet so few are willing to admit it. Either we tell ourselves, “I’ll redecorate and travel and go out to dinner once I’m successful,” only to keep raising the bar on “success” indefinitely…

…Or we feel so afraid of being “materialistic” that we never even TRY to make money!

Today, I’m giving you permission to experience the glamorous life of your dreams. Not one day, but ASAP.

Watch the Episode and get inspired to honor your desires weekly, creating a healthy cycle of self-affirmation that will empower you to THRIVE!


Gina DeVee

P.S. This is your day to celebrate! Share what you’ll be doing to treat yourself in the comments below and please forward this to a friend who also needs to acknowledge what they accomplished this week (that was oh so fabulous!) and how she too can create a beautiful life!

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