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Slimming Down Without Deprivation
Divine Living Skinny

Don’t worry—I would never suggest that you completely abstain from pasta, go hungry for days on end, or turn down every celebratory glass of champagne for the entirety of any slim-down!

My Divine Living philosophy is about figuring out what works for your body and giving it what it needs because EVERYONE is different! And when it comes to our health, we all deserve the A-list treatment.

In this Episode, I’m sharing what’s been working for me this year vs. what hasn’t worked in the past (going Vegan, for one).

Thankfully I’ve discovered several fabulous ways to keep my body nourished so that staying slim is TRULY deprivation free, and I still get to enjoy the foodie lifestyle I LOVE!

Gina DeVee

P.S. What’s your secret for getting in shape without deprivation? Let’s swap tips in the comments!

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