Queen, welcome back to a new episode of Divine Living! It’s gonna be a great one, so don’t tune out just yet!

Today, I’m having an AMAZING interview with the gorgeous, strong, fabulous Kristi Frank.

Do you recognize the name? 

Yep, it’s THE Kristi Frank, from the first season of The Apprentice, Oprah, and many more shows. 

Kristi is one of my besties, and for a reason: she’s a great woman!! She’s incredibly talented, and I’m so excited about you getting to know her!

Today, she tells us all about her experience in The Apprentice, her start in television, and her brand new docuseries, The Millionaire Within Her.

So, if this sounds like your cup of tea (and I know it does), get yourself a glass of wine, grab a seat, and give us a listen!

About Faith

The church has always been part of Kristi’s life. She’s always been extremely spiritual, ever since she was a child. 

However, she always saw spirituality as this energy all around us. She never really believed in God, but as she grew up, she realized how much comfort and power and love she received from Him. So, she trusted Him and trusted that He had everything planned for her. 

That’s exactly what gave her the gift and passion she needed to make it to where she is now. Today, she says that the more she steps into her faith, the more protected she feels. And we love that for her!

A Trip Down Memory Lane

The first time I heard about Kristi was when she was in season one of The Apprentice. To her, that was one of the most exciting adventures of her life. 

When she first got on The Apprentice, the show wasn’t a big thing. And yet, she trusted the process and trusted God, and that one thing opened so many doors for her! 

As she says in today’s episode, it all came from being in faith and knowing. She kept loving, kept having fun, kept serving, and that attitude made everything possible for her.

But how did The Apprentice fall into her lap? Well, it’s a pretty good story. 

Back then, Kristi was an actress, but her true passion was real estate. One day, she saw a TV commercial for The Apprentice, so she applied. 

Sure, Kristi could have been rejected, but she didn’t let that thought stop her. Her career as an actress had taught her that fear didn’t solve anything. 

Kristi says that it’s all about mindset, and it’s true. Many of us are too hard on ourselves. We’re perfectionists, and we forget that sometimes things just don’t go the way we want to, and it’s all right. 

This is why I want you to remember that when you get out of your own way and just jump in, magic happens!

From Oprah to The Millionaire Within Her

Because Kristi believed in herself and jumped in, she landed on Oprah!! Yes, we love a successful queen!! 

Even more surprising, it was her firing from The Apprentice that gave her the opportunity to work with Oprah. And that’s how she ended up getting hired by the entrepreneurial OG Dan Kennedy to speak to entrepreneurs. 

That opportunity brought her into the world of entrepreneurs, and she ended up meeting many people she looked up to. 

And because there are no coincidences, one of those people was Jeff, the producer of the new show she’s hosting! 

She also ended up finding her true passion: Working with female entrepreneurs. So, it only made sense to start a docu series with Jeff about them and name it The Millionaire Within Her! 

What’s The Millionaire Within Her about?

The Millionaire Within Her

The Millionaire Within Her is the latest series Kristi is hosting, and it’s all about women empowerment and money (my two favorite subjects as you know!).

In each episode, she interviews a female entrepreneur (and, surprise, she interviews me too!). And, good news for you: You can watch the show online for free!! 

So, don’t sleep on it, and don’t sleep on Kristi! Follow the link below to watch her brand new show, and let us know what you thought of it in the comments below.

Additional resources

Kristi Frank, what a queen!! 

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