Millionaire Mentoring for Women Who Have Already Created a 6-Figure business

The entrepreneurial dream is a
really special path.


It provides women with the opportunity to create unlimited levels of wealth, develops those on the journey to become their best self and the combination of the two offers what I’ve found to be the greatest contribution and service to humanity.


As if this opportunity to experience the highest level of success in every area of life isn’t profound enough…the fact that, at this time in history, we get to live out this accomplishment as women is perhaps the greatest blessing of all.


It’s been four years since I’ve offered a high-touch program: a private and group mentoring experience combined with luxury travel, and yet, when I asked, “What am I meant for next?” I felt, and feel, very deeply called to mentor 10 women as they become the new millionaires.

How the entrepreneur was born.




Why did I create an elite program like this one? And why now? If you’ve seen my recent launches, you know I have hundreds of women from all over the world enrolled in The Academy. I love seeing women embark on the adventure of entrepreneurship, and uplevel their lives in every way.  I’m proud of all they have accomplished, and excited for their future!


The Entrepreneur Program combines the feminine, creative and intuitive mindset work that opens women to greater wealth, plus integrating the masculine structures and strategies that build the sustainable, scalable and profitable businesses.

Millionaire Mentorship


Receive elite personal attention…
and expert guidance from a powerful feminine millionaire mentor who will coach you to implement your very own unique 7-figure business model…. From the masculine structures necessary to harness the global marketplace to deepening your feminine creative power that is aligned with your mindset that activates your unlimited success.


Positively impact the world…
and transform more lives than ever before as your influence and reach expand along with your wealth, power and team.


Stand out unmistakably…
as the unique woman you are, never being envious of others and thoroughly loving ‘living on brand’.

The Entrepreneur includes extensive private mentoring & high-level group master minding, plus Divine Living support


Full Day Private Intensive:
Held in the 1st quarter of 2015 to map out the exact plan for your business to cross the 7- figure mark


Private Coaching Strategy Sessions:
Customized to implement your plan for becoming a millionaire. Weekly 30-minute calls via phone or Skype throughout 2015 ( 3x per month)


Three 2-Hour Skype Mini Intensives:
Held in the second, third and fourth quarter to ensure your success and course correct when necessary to remain on track

• Be personally matched by Gina DeVee with your own exclusive mastermind partner to support you on your journey to cross 7-figures and for you to give and receive support as well.


• Be a part of a group of chic jet-setters who travel to four ultra luxurious destinations where you and each woman will be filled with pleasure, expand with new energy and growth in a way that only travel provides, enjoy a crazy amount of fun, plus boost your own brand as your travel adventures inspire your own following.


• 4 Luxury Retreats in Exotic Locations Worldwide, Including Your Accommodations + Breakfast and Lunch for all retreats
• Explore the most exquisite global destinations as you build your fortune

March 2015
Bali, Indonesia


• Lush, exotic Bali calls you.  In this exquisite, peaceful and nurturing setting, far away from the noise and distractions, you’ll breathe deep into your spirit, and connect with your unique value at the core of who you are. The essence of your brand and message starts here.

June 2015
Capri, Italy


• In this exclusive enclave in sunny Italy, you’ll experience La Dolce Vita – the good life!  We’ll enjoy the best food, wine and fashion this glamorous jet-set destination has to offer and a natural setting in which to design your high-end programs!

September 2015 
The Hamptons


• Time for laid-back “Indian summer” luxury in this breezy beachy playground of the rich and famous. Immerse yourself in the vibration and style that is uniquely the Hamptons. There is no limit to the contribution you can make in the world and the success you can create when you are soaking up the essence of the Hamptons in September.

December 2015
African Safari


• If you’ve always dreamed of ‘glamping’ while seeing exotic wild life up close while you’re served exquisite meals under the stars, know this is the perfect reward for your year of expansion and all that you’ve accomplished. As out of the box as you’ve been and how much you’ve stretched yourself this year, only and African Safari will do for your grand finale.

The Entrepreneur Program


Is Millionaire Mentoring for women who have already created a 6-figure business. Whether your goal is to cross 7-figures in one or two years from now is up to you. What is important, is that you are growing your business exponentially with joy, power, and pleasure at a pace that incorporates your core values.


In your application process and interview, Gina DeVee will personally explore with you when you desire to become one of the new women millionaires, and your customized plan will be designed accordingly.


If you know at a soul level that this is meant for you, then you are in the right place…. You’re invited to become a part of this brand new ultra high-end millionaire mentorship exclusively for 10 high caliber women only.



…Owning a business that gracefully and joyfully brings in a million dollars a year and more — while you work less than you did to earn six figures!


…Being personally coached one-on-one by Gina DeVee, who regularly creates multiple seven-figure launches not once but several times a year. A master coach and business woman who can teach you exactly how she does it – and how she became the woman who could!


…Living life at a seven-figure frequency, with all the transformational and luxurious experiences, beautiful things and powerful relationships that you will encounter there…


…Tapping  into the feminine power and creativity that is already inside you, and unlocking it so that you can have the impact you’ve always known you are meant to have in the world…






(Payment Plans Available For Deposits)