About Gina


Ms. DeVee’s personal story is an evolution that took her life from ordinary to extraordinary. Employing the same strategies she teaches today, she grew from a psychotherapist making $24,000 a year to a sought-after life coach with an international radio show.

Along the way, she worked at the White House, the Supreme Court, and Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government. For 15 years, she was mentored by best-selling author Marianne Williamson, who continues to serve as Ms. DeVee’s inspiration.

Ms. DeVee holds a master’s degree in clinical psychology and is a Le Cordon Bleu-trained chef, elevating her food advice to that of a skilled and sophisticated expert.

“Being aware of my own power was the beginning of something truly spectacular”

“Being aware of my own power was the beginning of something truly spectacular” she states. “Almost at once, I knew I wanted to share my insight with others who were seeking a deeper sense of fulfillment and contentment. Teaching women to value themselves and their skills…to move forward with pride and confidence…to live a life that is divine in every sense of the word…can change the way they see themselves and the world. With this renewed perspective, anything is possible.”

She is the creator and founder of Divine Living, a multi-million dollar company dedicated to providing female entrepreneurs with the tools they need to live in financial, emotional, spiritual, and lifestyle abundance.

The approach that sets her apart from the other empowerment coaches is elegant in its simplicity. While teaching women how to make money based on feminine principles she also outlines her proven methodology for living the divine lifestyle. She encourages them to take a bit of time to indulge, treat themselves, and truly enjoy life.

In addition to helping women help themselves, Ms. DeVee teaches them how to assist others. Through her coaching and business certification program, she has trained hundreds of women in more than 60 countries to deliver her message of professional and personal satisfaction to countless entrepreneurs throughout the world.

Maintaining an unwavering focus on her mission to enrich the quality of life for women everywhere, Ms. DeVee recently launched Divine Living Magazine, a digital lifestyle publication geared exclusively to women. The unique format merges every aspect of a successful woman’s world – integrating business tactics, money management, and leadership guidance with glamorous fashion, food, and travel content.