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Divine Living Programs

Transformation in Tuscany

Join Gina for a 3-day luxury retreat in the heart of Tuscany to usher in your life-changing transformation!

There are many seasons in a woman’s life and no matter which one you currently find yourself in, there’s a breakthrough waiting to reveal itself to you. With 3 full days(September 19-21, 2024) of intimate coaching from Gina alongside a small group of extraordinary women, prepare to discover your divine purpose and how your greatest setbacks were in fact your greatest setups!

The Q Club

You’ve gotten great at divine working…what about divine living?

Queen, life goes beyond your to-do list! If you’re desiring more luxury, travel, spirituality, relaxation, and feminine fun then come join me in the Q Club! Envision this space like a rich blend of Netflix, Pinterest, Fashion Week, and The Food Network to bring you Divine Living at home! With enchanting daily videos that’ll elevate your vibe paired with a social network designed just for Queens, this is the staycation you’ve been longing for!

Own Your Throne Mastermind

This is your 12-month elite mentorship experience to usher in life-changing transformation!
Ready for the next-level in life but don’t know where to start or what needs to change? Gina’s high-level, customized mentorship will get you there! Whether you want to achieve financial relaxation, find your soulmate, start your dream business, or let go of childhood contracts that have been sabotaging your success, this supportive space is for you!

Own Your Throne Virtual Course

Ready to not *have* to work ALL of the time but don’t know how to fully trust spiritual principles to manifest real wealth? Own Your (Financial) Throne is an online, self-paced course that reveals the spiritual psychology of wealth that unlocks the mystery behind your financial limitations.

The Divine Living Academy

World class business accelerator & elite global community
Welcome to the ultimate program for spiritual women who dream big! Start your mentorship & training with gina now and take a feminine path to the success you crave. Your dreams will thank you!

Live and Luxurious

Live and Luxurious

Elevate Your Life’s Work— And Your Lifestyle
Ready to travel as much as you’d like and work with high-end clients who will happily invest in themselves at higher rates?
Welcome to how to create & fill high-end programs, destination intensives & rejuvenating retreats.

Live and Luxurious

Coaching With Glenn

In 90 days get ready to learn the proven-to-work strategies that will accelerate your goals so you can finally drop the distractions and beliefs that are keeping you stuck. Dr. Glenn’s mentorship and holistic approach to success is structured to support you in reaching your fullest potential within business, relationships, and finances.

Free Trainings

The Audacity To Be Queen

The Audacity To Be Queen companion course!

This new 8-part training course, supplementary to my first ever book, the audacity to be queen, is your chance to awaken this deeper power within so you can create spectacular success on your own terms.

Master Your Inner Game To Fame

5-minute meditation to develop superstar confidence!

Feel “weird” about self-promo? Listening to this free download daily will give you the confidence to show up and create the impact you’re meant for!

Must-Have Products

Special Q Club Yearly Member Discounts on Select Products

Receive an additional 20% off select products when you are an Annual Q Club Member.

Sales Superstar

Enroll more clients with confidence & ease

Never worry about sounding “salesy” again! After this, making offers over the phone, in person or online will bring you a sense of joy vs. A bladder infection.


7-Figure Launch Secrets

Go behind-the-scenes of gina’s multiple 7-figure launches!

Plan your own sold-out, high-ticket program launch! This $7 audio training and workbook guides you step-by-step through gina’s signature feminine process.

Meditations for Women Entrepreneurs

10 audios to raise your vibration in 20 minutes or less.

Divine guidance is always available to you. Reconnect to your source, access creativity and have the confidence to own your power with gina’s guided meditations.


The Dare to Desire Docuseries

Your behind-the-scenes look at women entrepreneurs in Paris!

Meet the women revolutionizing the meaning of “entrepreneur.” join gina at a divine living event in Paris and forever change how you see what’s possible for you.

Destined For The Dream

How to unapologetically create your epic life.

You no longer have to slave away at a soul-sucking job, or work really, really hard just to scrape by. There is a way for spiritual women like us to have it all.

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