A lot of us women, especially those of us who work from home, can sometimes feel like we’re in a never-ending cycle of work. So often the days spill into evening, and we’ll find ourselves constantly checking our devices and even wearing the same clothes.

It’s important to break the cycle and make time to relax. One of the most essential relaxation practices I know is consciously and gorgeously transitioning from day to night.

Over the years of growing my business, I’ve developed a number of end of day rituals that help me unwind in an elegant and loving way. If you’ve been feeling tired and unfocused lately, try taking at least thirty minutes every night for seven consecutive nights to practice these five ceremonies. After that, you can scale the routine down to once or twice week, and develop your own self care rituals—but just make sure to maintain at least a few of your favorites every day.
With practice, you’ll become more mindful and start to tune back into your creative, feminine energy. And I promise you’ll sleep better too.




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