Six Moments When Classical
Music Will Do the Trick


Here at Divine Living we’re always looking for new ways to create a high-vibe environment. Fortunately everywhere we go teaches us a little something different and while in Vienna, we were inspired to consider the merits of a classical soundtrack.

Vienna earned the nickname City of Music during the late 18th century, when the Classical style of western music flourished. Home to Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven and Schubert, the Austrian capital became the epicenter of an era that gave us so many gorgeous sonatas, concertos and symphonies. To this day the city’s grand concert halls and opera houses are filled night after night with the sounds of Europe’s great Classical composers, played by some of the best musicians in the world.

Classical music has always been pretty highbrow—this was after all an art form bankrolled by princes and enjoyed as the height of refinement. If Mozart and Beethoven have gone down in history as the world’s greatest musical geniuses, it’s because the level of complexity, intelligence and artistry they brought to their work was so groundbreaking. It’s probably why in recent decades, scientists have been fascinated with the question: does listening to classical music make you smarter? Inspiring a generation of parents to introduce their babies to Mozart as early as possible.

While the Mozart Effect remains questionable (that it is, other music has been found to have a similar effect) it’s undeniable that listening to classical music has plenty of benefits. Classical music is unapologetically beautiful, emotional, sophisticated and lively. It can help lift your spirits, calm you down, focus your mind, improve your memory and set an elegant tone for any experience.

So when should you listen to classical music and what exactly should you play? Our curated list has you covered. Pop any of these into Pandora or Spotify at the recommended moment for a bit of musical bliss.


Moments that are Made
for Classical Music



Sweet Dreams
Sonata No. 8 C Minor Pathetique
By Ludwig van Beethoven

Classical composers have given us plenty of dreamy lullabies. Try this Beethoven number to help you relax before bed time, or on your next transatlantic flight.


Good Morning Sunshine
Symphony No. 36 in C major (“Linz”), K. 425
By Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

For while you sip your morning coffee, this sweeping symphony will put you in the mood to do big things.


Working Wonders
Piano Sonata in B Flat Major, D. 960: 1
By Franz Schubert

Sometimes a dose of seriousness is just what you need to power through that project. Allow the elegance of Schubert’s most famous piano composition help you sit a little taller as you type.


Thinking Big
Symphony No. 6 in F Major, Op.68 ‘Pastoral’ I. Erwachen
By Ludwig van Beethoven

When you want to get into that “anything is possible” space, Beethoven’s epic ode to the Austrian countryside is just the thing.


Divine Downtime
Symphony No. 13 in D Major, Hob I:13: II
By Franz Joseph Haydn

If you’re taking a moment for just you and your journal, allow this cello concerto from Mozart-influencer and colleague Franz Joseph Hadyn to create space for introspection.


Wining & Dining
Piano Concerto No. 20 in D Minor, K 466:11 Romance
By Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Add elegance to a romantic evening or dinner party with the spirited sounds of a Mozart concerto.



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