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The Top 11 
Sources of Wisdom & Inspiration
I Can Always Count On



Along with my daily journaling and prayer, taking in inspired teachings, books, and music is essential to my spiritual practice. I find that connecting with others and their own interpretations of God helps to widen my own perspective and deepen my personal connection. Here are some the more important resources and voices that have guided my path and that I continue to revisit to this day.


“Let the Church Say Amen!”
I grew up in Detroit in the 70s, so unsurprisingly I am a huge gospel music fan! This gorgeous, soaring ballad by Andraé Crouch is one of my favorites, and I listen to it before going on stage at every live Academy event. I usually blare it, so the hair and make-up people and the crew are all in on it too. This is heavy duty gospel glory, and it always leaves me feeling uplifted, energized, and connected.



Joel Osteen
Minister Joel Osteen is one of the most widely broadcasted spiritual voices in America, and with good reason. This charismatic speaker has inspired millions with his message of unconditional love rooted in Christianity. He channels the teachings of the Bible into a truly uplifting story of personal transformation that we can all learn from. I also love the contemporary style of his Hope for Today magazine.



Gaby Bernstein’s “Miracles Now” Card Deck
Author and speaker Gaby Bernstein is one of my dear friends, and I love her “Miracles Now” card deck as a fun way to start or end the day on a positive and grateful note. The gorgeous deck is full of empowering affirmations to keep you grounded in your truth. Plus, each miraculous message is boiled down to a 140-character description that can be tweeted, pinned, posted or shared so you can spread the good vibes outward!



The Omega Institute
Omega has long been a leader in Holistic Studies, nurturing dialogues on the integration of modern medicine and natural healing, and creating programs that connect science, spirituality and creativity. I highly recommend attending their renowned workshops, conferences, and retreats held at locations around the world.



Joyce Meyer
Whenever I feel weak, Joyce Meyer’s no-nonsense approach to teaching never fails to inspire me to take even greater control of my thoughts. I love how she interprets the Bible to answer the questions we most struggle with in everyday life, leading us toward overcoming our lower emotions and being in God’s presence every single day.


Marianne Williamson’s
Live Stream Monday Night Lectures
Marianne Williamson’s first book A Return to Love introduced millions of people—including me—to A Course in Miracles, a self-study program in spiritual psychotherapy. I used to work for Marianne and she was my mentor for many years, so her brilliant insights and perspectives have played a major role in my own spiritual path. Marianne’s long-running Monday Night Lectures in LA are now live-streamed free, but you can also get a subscription for on-demand access to her entire archive.



“Embrace” by Deva Premal
Singer Deva Premal is famous for blending ancient Buddhist and Sanskrit mantras with more contemporary musical arrangements. Her meditative and deeply spiritual records are perfect for practicing yoga at home, or even just relaxing in the bathtub. Her album “Embrace” is my favorite, I find it really helps connect me to the peace and stillness of the Divine.



Michael Beckwith’s
Live Steam Sunday Services
Michael Beckwith is the inspiring Reverend who founded Agape, an international spiritual center and community, over thirty years ago. “Agape” is the Greek word for unconditional love, and this trans-denominational spiritual movement is all about taking a stand for peace and being a positive presence on the planet. Beckwith’s message combines ancient wisdom and new thought, and you may recognize him from Oprah, Larry King Live, the Secret, or CNN. Anyone and everyone is invited to tune in for free to his wonderful Sunday services.



Offerings: Buddhist Wisdom for Every Day
Though I identify as Christian, it’s important to me to explore spiritual teachings from various world religions. With 365 teachings collected from Tibetan Buddhism, this gorgeous coffee table book is just the thing to expand my perspective and provide me or my guests with a dose of universal wisdom.



Osho International Meditation Resort
Located a few hours outside of Mumbai, India, Osho is a resort designed to nurture your body, mind and soul. If you’re in need of a real spiritual retreat, this peaceful sanctuary offers over 10 meditation classes daily, plus courses to help uplift all areas of your life. Delicious and healthy food, comfortable accommodations, and a zen spa enhance the full experience.



Omvana App by Mindvalley

Omvana is the top meditation app globally, and it gives you access to over 500+ audios from many of the world’s top spiritual teachers. I have it downloaded on my iPhone and find myself using it all the time. I especially love it when I’m traveling—it’s great for falling asleep on the plane or sharpening my focus while on the go.



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