Allie Casazza is a supermom who has a strong no-excuse policy! Today we got together to break stereotypes about motherhood, business, and money. Allie is a mother of four AND a business mogul AND an unapologetic Queen who enjoys her life, so my dahling, get ready for a fabulous interview!

It’s all too easy to give in to society’s expectations and think that because you have children, you don’t deserve any time for yourself. “Hot mess mom” culture can have you thinking you have to sacrifice everything you are for your kids. 

Allie is on a mission to break that myth apart and teach you how to simplify your life! As a mom and a businesswoman, Allie has cracked the code on divine living for mothers who want to have it all.

“Motherhood is not a burden—it’s a power.” – Allie Casazza


How It All Started for Allie

Allie helps mothers simplify their life, from home to schedule to business. She believes that motherhood gets a bad rap—it really doesn’t have to be all that difficult. Allie recognized that the culture around mothers who are too busy to get their nails done was false. That was not the way to live a life of abundance, and she decided to do something about it.

Transforming Her Money Story


When she was a stay-at-home mom, Allie and her husband were struggling with finances, at the mercy of the company he worked for. Allie experienced this lack very strongly and was anxious about the lack of control. 

One day, she went with the kids to Target. She had a list with very little wiggle room and she always had to calculate everything down to the last cent. On that particular day, she knew she was about to get her period. She didn’t have enough money for everything on the list, and the only thing that wasn’t an absolute necessity was her tampons. At that moment, she prayed she wouldn’t get her period that week, so she wouldn’t have to buy tampons. 

This was the day she understood she understood it’d been enough. She was standing there rejecting her feminine power because she didn’t have $6 to get tampons. Allie knew that this was not the life she wanted to live. This event woke her up to powerlessness and she knew she had to do something about it. With that realization, Allie embarked on a path to transform her money story and become the business Queen she is today.

She already had a blog, but in January 2016, she decided the time has come to take the next step and start her own business. She started creating and selling online courses, and soon after, she discovered a whole world of abundance waiting for her. 


How to Live Your Guilt-Free, Fabulous Mom Life


It’s astonishing to me to see mothers who do all that hard work and yet feel guilty if they take a break or do something for themselves. This is the kind of culture Allie fights against. She realized that a healthy childhood means having a mom who enjoys her life. The biggest burden for children is when they are their mother’s entire world. 

Moms don’t have to buy into this martyr, hero culture the society pushes on them. Taking time for yourself is the ultimate act of love. How are you going to pour out all that energy if there’s nothing pouring into you? Allie’s mission is to get women to a place where they’re in touch with themselves, and they enjoy their marriage, sex, money, and lifestyle. 

It can be as simple as putting the snacks a little bit lower and letting kids make their own plates. Allie’s programs focus both on the mindset shifts and practical strategies that make your life less difficult. 


Why It’s Important to Invest in Yourself 


Moms are conditioned to put everyone’s needs before their own. But Queen, you have to show up for yourself. Everything that kids experience comes through the mom. This is why motherhood is such a superpower—you get to teach your kids how to live their best life. 

To do that, you need to lead by example, follow your dreams, and pursue your purpose. Kids should be the reason for investing in yourself, not an excuse to avoid your dreams. 


How to Stop Being Overwhelmed 


Allie is an expert at simplifying and that’s her main weapon to avoid the feeling of overwhelm. When it comes to her business, she follows her heart rather than masculine strategies. In her email marketing strategy, for example, Allie lets go of the idea to have a billion perfect emails. 

Instead, she takes an hour every night during the launch to write an email telling her community exactly how she feels. She believes that simplification comes from rejecting all the formulas and doing what works for you. 

Trust your internal guidance, lean into your feelings, and let go of perfectionism. There is no need to give in to the pressure—we don’t have to do things the masculine way. We don’t have to overcomplicate. There are so many different ways to reach success. 

The greatest power of the feminine is having fun, being yourself, and telling a story. Unsurprisingly, this is also a great business formula!


Enthusiasm as the Main Point of Attraction


Allie built her huge audience organically, just by showing up as her true self. Her secret superpower is that she is a content creating machine. In order to grow your business, you need to find what your superpower is!

Allie leveraged her content-making skills to build a lot of freebies and little opt-ins specific to her audience. Because she doesn’t follow any strategies, her audience can recognize the pure enthusiasm and passion in everything she does. That way, Allie built not only a customer base but a community that shows up for her every time. Why? Because she’s fun and sincere. 

At the moment, she is working on a book called “Declutter Like a Mother”. The book is coming out in 2021 and Allie is excited because she signed with her dream publisher, Nelson Books. 

And as for her plans for the future? Allie is optimistic and ready for anything. She’s constantly doing launches and she lets her audience inspire her. Her business model is completely unique and based on a feminine power that’s fully realized. She’s an example of a Queen who went after all her dreams, and I hope this conversation inspires you to move to the next level!

Allie is such a force of nature! If you want her to help you simplify your life, go to her website and check out her programs, podcast, and upcoming book!

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