Today I have Los Angeles’ most admired besties here on the Divine Living podcast… Can you guess who they are?

Of course, it’s Krista and Lindsey of the Almost 30 podcast! Krista and Lindsey have been friends and podcast co-hosts for the past three years. Today their podcast is ranked on Apple’s top 50, with over 12 million downloads! These Queens have also ignited a loyal community centered around personal growth and empowerment. 

It was such a joy to watch them from afar and today I’m so thrilled to host them! My dahlings, I want you to get to know these inspiring women, experience their warmth, and see what a genuinely strong female friendship can do!


Being Almost 30


Krista and Lindsey met in their 20s. As they were approaching 30, they both had the same realizations and felt like they didn’t have any of the answers. Life wasn’t turning out the way they thought it would. They weren’t married, didn’t have kids, or the dream job. The feeling that brought them together was the feeling of being lost and alone. 

But from the moment they met, they realized they found something even better—a real female friendship. They were having healing conversations that empowered them and made them want to share their thoughts with the world. For the first six months, they recorded their episodes while having full-time jobs. Thanks to their community, the podcast took off and they’ve built a successful media company. It’s been a wild ride!


Making People Feel Less Alone


The main vision and the purpose of the podcast have always been creating a safe space for sharing and connecting. When you know other people have the same doubts and fears, you feel less alone.

But where did that feeling come from? For Krista, she moved from Chicago to New York to LA. In every city she had friends, but somehow they didn’t last after the move. Meanwhile, Lindsey was just coming out of the feelings of numbness in her 20s. They started coming back to themselves and it was their friendship that gave them the strength to be vulnerable and share. They created the space to have thoughtful, deep, and meaningful conversations. From there, everything changed. 


The Power of Female Friendships


I completely understood what Krista and Lindsey were going through. In my book “The Audacity to Be Queen”, I talk about being in a really painful place where I felt I didn’t belong. I’ve felt that by working on my career, I was doing something more important than having friends. But it was all coming from this unconscious feeling of not belonging. Once I made that first friend, I became so much better at being vulnerable and really opening up… And I realized there were so many incredible women out there! So if you are in any form of isolation, voluntary or otherwise, please know that you do belong, that your tribe does exist. Adult female friendships are the best gift a woman can give to herself. And it’s all there for you.


Being Best Friends and Business Partners


Krista and Lindsey told me they became business partners soon after they became friends. They see it as a blessing because they’ve been able to learn about each other as they grew the business. They bring out each other’s healing and shadows, and in doing that personal development work, they grew infinitely closer. 

They also found that they balance each other out perfectly. Krista learns from Lindsey’s strengths and vice versa, but most importantly, they have a shared vision on how they want to impact the world. 

Deep intimate relationships tend to bring out the best and the worst in people. And especially when they involve dreams, money, business, or a living, breathing community like the Almost 30 podcast has inspired. So the business partnership is definitely a challenge, but a very welcome one. Krista and Lindsey have been able to grow and show up better each day, both as friends and partners. They say that the success of our business depends on the health of their relationship, and the work they do to be open, graceful, and the patient is not for the faint of heart. What they hope is that their example can show the community what is the true power of a strong female friendship.


Writing the Next Bestseller


These Queens see 2020 as a blessing in disguise. It’s given them the time and the mental and emotional capacity to figure out what’s the next thing for them. They felt that writing their book would be the most impactful gift they could give their community! It’s also the kind of work they see as the most exciting, innovative, and liberating. 

From my experience writing “The Audacity to Be Queen”, I know that the book writing process can be both agony and ecstasy. 

Krista and Lindsey will start working on their proposal by the end of the year, and I’m really excited for them! The proposal can be one of the most challenging parts. You’re unearthing yourself and it’s a really powerful experience. 

One of the challenges they had to overcome right at the beginning is the feeling of worthiness. In that way, the process of writing a book becomes a process of deep self-exploration. You get to overcome your fears and feelings of inadequacy. It’s my wish that we as women leave these feelings in the past. Our time is now! One of our great powers is receiving, but it’s also an amazing feeling to give the gift of your words and wisdom to your community. 

Krista and Lindsey know it the best because they’ve built a fearless community of women who are courageous at sharing and connecting!

Isn’t that so inspiring? I love seeing Queens succeed!

My hope is that this episode is a welcome blessing in your lives and that it empowers you to manifest true and beautiful female friendships!

If you want to connect with Krista and Lindsey, find them at @almost30podcast. Of course, subscribe to their podcast in your favorite app!

They’ve also prepared a wonderful retreat for 2021, where you’ll be able to enjoy the best of the best in the spirituality and wellness community. Reserve your spot here!

And for those of you who have a podcast they wish to grow, join their PodcastPro accelerator!

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