Queen, get ready to jump to the next level! Today my guest is Danielle Canty, the President of BossBabe. She will share some priceless business advice based on the feminine principles of collaboration and receiving.

Changing the Money Mindset


Danielle is an extremely successful entrepreneur who started her career as a chiropractic. At 25, she was already a shareholder in one of the fastest-growing primary health care brands in the UK. But it was in 2016 that she realized she was chasing money and that the time has come for a major mindset overhaul.

After her dad had an accident, Danielle found her life governed by 15-minute appointments. She had to stay in the same place, and it was during that journey, that she realized that money was not her single aspiration. She understood that money was not the end goal, but a medium that would allow her to live the life of her dreams. It was that realization that set her on the course to become the BossBabe president.  


Meeting Natalie and the BossBabe Adventure


Danielle and Natalie met at the Brendon Burchard event in San Diego. They became fast friends and Danielle realized that Natalie and she could also be great business partners. So like a fearless Queen she is, Danielle didn’t let the fear of rejection stop her and she called Natalie to ask her if she wanted to build something together.

Natalie had an idea to build a membership society for female entrepreneurs. Danielle was instantly in love with the idea, she did her research, they hopped on a call—the rest is BossBabe history. 

The biggest lesson Danielle learned in this collaboration was that being in business doesn’t mean being selfish, egotistical, and obsessed with money. She and Natalie approached all they did with a mindset of friendship, putting the values of the women they support first. 


How to Build a Membership Site as Successful as The Société


Today Danielle and Natalie have a crazy successful membership program for women entrepreneurs. It’s full of inspiring Queens who work together, have fun, and collaborate on innovative projects. But how do you get from an idea to realization?

Danielle’s advice to anyone looking to build a membership site is to look at the business plan long term. With a membership, you need to ask yourself: Why should people stay around? What value am I going to offer them, every single month? 

It all comes down to a belief system. Women don’t join communities like The Société because they primarily want to make more money. They join and stay involved because they share the core values and the belief system of the founders. 

Every successful business goes beyond the financial aspect to include the real difference their products and services can make in the world. And if you want to make a positive impact, you need collaboration. What better place to find potential business partners than a community of like-minded women? 

As founders of The Société, Danielle and Natalie give their members space to determine what success looks like for them. Everyone is free to share their version of success and grow together. When you figure out your belief system and people feel like they want to be a part of that, that’s when you have a successful membership. 


The BossBabe Guide to 6-Figure Launches


If you’ve been in the entrepreneurial game for a while, you know that mistakes are bound to happen. Danielle and Natalie found a way to grow from every mistake they made, and today they have an amazing program, the Online School Launch, that cuts your work in half. figured it out 100%. 

From their very first launch, BossBabes reviewed everything. They’d look at every launch and find the things that worked, things that didn’t, and things they should never ever repeat.

When people started calling them to ask what’s their secret to successful launches, they realized they struck a gold formula. And as Danielle mentioned, there’s no magic to business. 

The whole secret is in learning, testing, tweaking, and accepting that your first launch will most likely fail. This is where the mindset comes in—every failed launch is an opportunity to grew and iterate until you find what works for you. 


The Four Pillars of Launching


If you do your launches right, you get a great cash injection to your business. You can breathe easier and focus on developing your business once the pressure of cash is off. So what are the four pillars that make up the BossBabe launch framework?




You can’t launch without an audience, even if it’s just your mom, friendship circle, or Instagram followers. The first step to building your audience is understanding who your dream client is. Danielle advises getting really specific here. Beyond questions like where does she live, what does she do, and if she’s married or single, you need to give your client a name. Find a picture on Google and use it to map out the client. 

Flesh out the character of your dream client and let it drive your decisions. As Danielle said, it’s OK and even preferable if you speak just to that one person. Own your brand. When you try to make something that everyone likes, you’ll end up with nothing. Focus on your dream client and dedicate your efforts to nurturing that relationship.




Your pre-launch campaign should start at least two weeks before the actual launch. This is the period you should use to prime your audience and let them know that something big is coming. Whether you’re doing free opt-ins, polls, or giveaways, make sure your audience is engaged and in anticipation. 

Build the hype and share valuable content that will make your audience excited to see what’s next. Your goal is to create a buzz and draw attention to your launch because if you don’t, the actual launch might go unnoticed. 


The Launch Itself


The BossBabe secret to success is to create scarcity around launches. Whether that’s one big push and then the launch is closed, or early bird bonus and gifts, your launch should create urgency. 

Another very important thing is to have every step of the way pre-planned. Open up an Excel spreadsheet and line up all your events, calls to action, promotions, and value-adds by days. When the launch day comes, you won’t be scrambling around looking for that photo or the headline. You’ll just execute on your well-prepared, clear templates. Talk about divine working!


The Playbook


Once everything is said and done, go back and review every step of your launch process. Gather all your assets and go over every last detail with your team. Pinpoint the assets that worked the best and put them in a playbook to use in your next launch.

That way, you’re never starting from scratch. You can just build on your best-performing pieces and iterate depending on what you’re launching. When you use these four steps, launching becomes easy, and every next launch becomes better than the last. 


Your Launches Should be Scalable 


What does that mean, in the words of the original BossBabe? Scalability is all about doing less but getting more. Analyze your output, such as Facebook ads, to find the low-hanging fruit. 

Analyze the top of your funnel to see what can be done better. Go through the metrics and see where in your funnel people are closing the tab. Find those leaky holes and fill them up. Scalability is not about adding new stuff and launching new products, although “the shiny new thing” is a real problem for entrepreneurs.

Simplify to amplify and make sure your existing launches are functioning to the max. Build them so well that you can put them on autopilot and go focus on something else. 

If you have a million products, you and your team will have your attention scattered. The key to moving a business forward is moving together in the same direction. 

What a BossBabe! I’m just so impressed by Danielle and her unapologetic, shiny, smart, feminine personality. She’s the true example of what happens when you really start manifesting your ultimate desires. Life becomes better, business becomes abundant. There’s flow, there’s fun, there’s money, there are resources, there are collaborations and opportunities. It’s all there for the taking, Queen!

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