What’s your upper limit? What’s blocking you on your path to fulfill your biggest dreams? Today I want us to hold our desires in the space of love and manifest all our dreams through meditation.

My dahling, I was recently offered a chance to manifest one of my wildest dreams. This would be just beyond. But I found myself hitting my upper limit and even some of my triggers showed up. Luckily, my self-awareness allowed me to catch this feeling and let it go. 

So I want to ask you today: Are you telling yourself that you don’t have time to go after your dreams? Are maybe afraid of what other people will think of you? Do you feel like you won’t know what to do or say? What’s stopping you to really go after your dreams?

I want you to think about that and I also want us to do a meditation together. Let’s open ourselves to receiving these blessings that are meant for us. 

Meditation is one of the fastest ways I know for getting there. I want us to hold our desires in love and let the Universe manifest everything that’s meant for us. 

Let’s become a vibrational match for our desires and their manifestation!

Key points discussed

  • Discovering my upper limit (01:01)
  • The meditation for manifesting our dreams (05:38)
  • Effortless accomplishment is the feminine way (13:19)


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