Your next-level success is already within you. Take this as fact: your big breakthrough, your calling, your next level, it’s meant to be experienced at the highest level. That includes money issues, visibility issues, your level of impact, and your level of joy and creativity. For all that to line up, you don’t need to work harder – you need to work smarter. You need to get out of your way and get divine guidance. The best way I know how to do that is to focus on your daily divine assignment!

The conditioning is that if you’re not working 20 hours a day, then you’re going to miss out and you’re not going to make the money. I invite you to just stop with that chatter and stop with the stress. There’s no need for massive action that isn’t getting you where you want to be – most importantly, there’s no need for any action that prevents you from enjoying your experience along the path.

And if there’s anything that will put you in the state of overwhelm, it’s future-tripping. In this episode, I want you to learn how to open up to receive all the daily dazzle God has in store for you. I want you to let today be today. I promise, when you start your days in gratitude and when you let God shower you in guidance, you will get to your next level so much faster and in so much more joy.

Key points discussed

  • We have the opportunity to seek our true calling (02:20)
  • The only thing you need to do is get great at receiving (05:22)
  • You are a child of God – enough with the pity party (10:58)
  • Beginning your day in relationship with God (13:47)
  • Don’t expect more from yourself than what today allows (16:41)
  • Just follow the divine assignment for that day and let tomorrow take care of itself (21:41)
  • A prayer to ask for divine guidance today (23:15)

Additional resources

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