We are all given this opportunity to take the leap of faith into the next level. I know this because we are all here and we are all committed to growth. We all know there is something BIGGER for us out there. But, to get there, we must up-level. We must experience the end of the season and face the unknown. To do that, we are called to take a leap of faith… In this episode, I want to encourage you and guide you through that next big step!

Some of you are stuck in boring jobs. Some of you are running a business that’s not getting that much traction. Some of you might be more established in business and asking yourself what can be done to move forward with more joy. Whatever the case may be, I know you can benefit from taking a leap of faith and living your life with more joy, pleasure, and purpose.

I don’t want to see you stuck playing it safe and boring. At the same time, I don’t want you to do an overreach and take a leap so big that you fall. There’s a difference between being reckless and taking a leap of faith – tune in and let’s find out what your next level is!

Key points discussed

  • I hear this question all the time… (01:20)
  • It’s not the leap of faith that you’ll end up regretting (04:57)
  • Find the divine balance and be consistent in your decisions (07:46)
  • You get to enjoy God’s divine guidance (11:16)
  • I want you to take up all the space you need (13:36)
  • Dahling, stand up for yourself (16:41)
  • Let us pray – God hasn’t forgotten you (20:14)

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