Queen, my guest today is the amazing Jessica Zweig, an award-winning entrepreneur, personal branding expert, and the founder and CEO of SimplyBe Agency. She’s someone who isn’t afraid to share her life and she’s obsessed with authenticity. Jessica helps entrepreneurs grow and leverage their personal brands and today she will share her secrets with us! 

Jessica’s story was full of ups and downs and is a true testament to what you can do when you believe in yourself. Queen, I was so impressed with Jessica, I can’t wait for you to hear this conversation. 

We discuss her new book “Be. – A No Bullsh*t Guide to Increasing Your Self Worth and Your Net Worth by Simply Being Yourself”, what it means to build a dedicated community, and what your personal brand is really about. Tune in now!

Meet Jessica: Behind the Scenes

Jessica got a degree in theater and spent about five years auditioning. This wasn’t an easy time – she was financially insecure, dating people who weren’t right for her, and generally trying to figure out who she was.

Her success didn’t come immediately. She struggled with feelings of self-worth, looking at other women doing big things and feeling small and resentful. Her path to empowerment started at the end of her 20s when she met a girl who soon became her friend and business partner.

They started a food and fashion blog in Chicago and grew their readership overnight. Jessica spent seven years in this company and learned a lot about digital marketing and branding.

It was a very significant part of her life. She experienced the power of her personal brand, built an amazing network, and learned from global brands that were her clients at the time.

And although everything appeared sparkly on the outside, inside there was a different story. Looking back, Jessica knows that she didn’t do the real work of personal transformation. She was still acting out from old trauma, from having been bullied, from feeling less-than-cool.

This sense of wounding and misaligned ego led her to an emotional breakdown. She realized she was sick at every level and even had to have surgery. 


Stepping Into Awareness 

After this breakdown, she realized she had to try something different. She left the blog in Chicago and decided to open her own agency. 

Over the last six years, she’s built a seven-figure company. Jessica helps entrepreneurs, CEOs, and creatives get online and tell their stories to grow their businesses. She’s dedicated to using the gifts of digital marketing and combining them with her passion for authenticity, humanity, and service. Once she figured out her superpower, Jessica figured out both divine working and divine living.


Everyone Deserves This Knowledge

Jessica’s clients have to be very affluent to afford her services. When she was thinking about writing her book, a question popped into her head: Why should this knowledge be a secret? 

Why would these opportunities and strategies on building a platform belong only to a select few? The people who need them the most are often the ones who can’t afford it. So, Jessica decided to share her knowledge and write the amazing book that’s just come out.

She sat down and created a methodology based on her experience. It’s a proprietary process that she had trademarked. Her book is a complete breakdown of how to build a platform using messaging, content creation, strategy, PR, and social media.

Jessica tells it all. When doing her research, she realized that there aren’t too many books that really give you actionable details. She set out to do just that. Jessica wrote this book for everyone who wants to build and amplify their personal brand.

It works even if you’re not an entrepreneur. Jessica believes that everyone can benefit from knowing what makes them unique. Everyone should know their value and learn how to tell their story.


Be Real, Be Your Brand, Be Free

In her book, Jessica takes you through three levels. The “Be Real” section is all about demystifying personal branding and defining what authenticity really is. It reminds the reader that it is both your shadow and your light that need to come together so your brand can be really effective. 

On social media, we often see people lean too heavily into either light or shadow. Jessica advises to carefully balance the two.

When it comes down to it, building your brand is not an act of humility. It’s an act of owning your greatness: the act of shining your light and owning it. It’s all about realizing that you are worthy and that you can offer value to other people. 

In the second section, “Be Your Brand”, Jessica outlines the specific strategies you need to employ to tell your story in the most effective way. And the third section, “Be Free”, is all about living your life with enthusiasm and inspiration. We all have the power to shine and inspire others, and this book your cheerleader to do just that. 

Yes, it’s a personal branding book. But, it all comes down to personal empowerment.


Clarity Is Key

Jessica’s mission is to help you understand the unique value only you can offer. Personal branding is all about knowing your value and understanding that no one else can be you. The key lies in articulating that and communicating that consistently, constantly, and clearly.

In this day and age, you don’t need to reach millions of people to grow a successful business. What really matters is a dedicated community, and the only way to build those connections is through authenticity. 

Get crystal clear on your story and your value. Then, hone in on those brand pillars and shine your light. 

Your personal brand isn’t just about what you get paid to do. It’s a 360-degree dimensional story. It includes everything that makes you uniquely yourself.

Finally, people don’t connect with businesses. They connect with other people. That’s the power of a personal brand.


Additional resources

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