Queen, we welcome my mentor Katherine Woodward Thomas once again! This is a woman who will pour wisdom and love into every cell of your being – and a woman who’s done the same for me, time and time again. Katherine is the true master of love and today she shares her best advice for calling in the one and manifesting the love we deserve.

Katherine is the author of the New York Times Bestseller Conscious Uncoupling: 5 Steps to Living Happily Even After and the love-manifesting bible Calling in “The One:” 7 Weeks to Attract the Love of Your Life. This is a book that changed so many lives (mine included!) and Katherine is just about to release a new edition revised and updated with new insights, stories, teaching points, and transformational exercises. Queen, this is the book we’ve been waiting for… 

Tune in today for a preview of all the good stuff and to find out what all about the feminine way to manifest love and transform relationships. I just know this is a blessing we all need in our lives right now. Plus, there’s going to be a special appearance… 


Calling in “The One”: Why Katherine Wrote It

Katherine is a licensed marriage and family therapist with an M.A. But, what really gave her the credentials to write about manifesting love is her own experience in the field. Her love life was the hardest part of her life. From chaotic childhood patterns to dating anyone, just as long as they were unavailable, Katherine has forged her wisdom in the fire. 

It wasn’t until she learned about the metaphysical principles of standing up for your future that she was able to break her patterns. The one thing that really helped her was understanding that you need to define yourself according to the future you want, not the past you had. 

She wrote this amazing book when she called in her first husband Mark. This was the healthiest relationship she’s ever been in. Then, they got divorced after a decade. But, that didn’t matter, because Katherine now had the wisdom to go through that transformation and write another fantastic book: Conscious Uncoupling!

After a few years, she was ready to call in her true soulmate. And despite all the reasons not to believe that she could do it, she set an intention and she stayed true to it. 

For her, calling in the one is all about reclaiming the power we have to create miracles. It’s also written in service to the awakening of our power to not just be reactive to how things are, but to generate a future that we want for ourselves.


The Myths That Prevent You From Manifesting Love

We think that if he could go back to our childhood and understand it enough, one day we will wake up and be free to create something else. It doesn’t work that way. 

Of course, there’s a need for healing, grieving, and understanding your past trauma. But unless you have a future that you want, you’re not really transforming anything. More of the same will continue to show up. 

If you really want to create something you’ve never had, you need to become the person that already has that. You need to ask yourself:

“Who am I, as a person who is loved, who is supported, who is seen who is honored, who is cherished, who is completely self-expressed?” 

You need to build that identity because it’s a different identity than the one you live in now. The fact is, wherever you’re centered at the level of identity, that’s where you’re generating life from.


What You Really Need to Do to Call in the One

When your traumas are not transformed, you show up in a way that could be self-sufficient, more comfortable with giving than receiving, avoidant of conflict. All these ways of relating confirm your past and keep you there. 

But, the truth is, until you actually identify the habitual ways that you show up in now, you will keep repeating them. When you take a stand for the future, you need to act from the self-identity that can imagine being with someone who is capable of giving what you want and truly meeting your needs. 

You have to risk and let people in – you have to let yourself receive – and you have to learn how to engage conflict in a way that is healthy and necessary for authentic relationships.

And the thing is, you don’t have to be rooted in 100% certainty. The chances are, you could even do that if you wanted. You are building a new future and a new you. It can start with 3% and it can be built through pleasure and be grounded in the senses. 


Start to See Yourself as the Source of the Evidence

“But, how do I believe in something I’ve never experienced? All evidence I have is evidence to the contrary. How do I love myself if I don’t know what that looks like?”

Well, the key is to start to see yourself as the source of the evidence. The key to emancipation and liberation is actually seeing yourself as the source of the pattern. 

And of course, no one is negating those challenges out there. Some men are narcissists, sure. But, we kind of need to press the pause button on those conversations. You are the source of your experience. 

You have the power to learn how to create relationships that are rich and true and honest and committed and loyal. You know how to learn, and you can learn how to do this too.


Why Katherine Decided to Rewrite Calling in “The One”

This wonderful book sold a quarter of a million copies. It’s been so helpful to so many people, but Katherine feels there are some things that are outdated in it. 

In 2002, online dating wasn’t the thing it is now. So, Katerine decided to go back and also write about her own experience of calling in the one. She’s now happy in love and she wanted to pay it forward. 

She’s also been teaching from the book and she’s worked with thousands of people. Through that experience, she’s been learning how to streamline the process, clarify things that weren’t crystal clear, and give people an even better guidebook to manifesting love. 

In my view, Queen, this book has already been perfect. But, I’m definitely looking forward to getting this gift of Katherine’s wisdom, new and expanded. 

If you’re ready for the life-changing and miraculous effect Calling in “The One” will have on you, get the new edition here: https://www.amazon.com/Calling-One-Revised-Expanded-Attract-dp-0593139798/dp/0593139798/ref=dp_ob_title_bk 

To see Katherine’s other books, go here https://katherinewoodwardthomas.com/store/  

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