For years (and I mean #YEARS!), I’ve craved a safe and sacred place for women around the world to gather and be in connection, community, and Queenly conversation. place where we can discuss what’s going on in our businesses , our personal lives, or our spiritual journeys. A place where we can learn how to pick ourselves up and brush ourselves off after feeling failure or rejection. A place where we won’t feel like we’re being too much or dreaming too big.

And now, finally, OUR Divine Living podcast is here! It’s been a long time in the making and I couldn’t be more thrilled to share this grand reveal with you! 

I want you to know, this podcast is for you, for me, and for our community of fierce and fabulous women! It’s for us to share the message that we need to hear, because I know that what’s most personal is most universal. 

This is our journey and I want to hear from you, Queens!  

The Age of Queen Is Now

There has never been a better time to be a woman on this planet. I really believe that and I believe that this world needs YOU. It needs US. It needs feminine leadership. It needs beauty, it needs innovation, it needs vision—all the things that come from the empowered feminine

If you know me, you know that I’m obsessed with transformation. I know that every woman has a Queen inside of her. And I know that every woman absolutely can transform her weaknesses into her strengths and live a divine life. 

How do I know that? Because I’ve been there, done that. 

I want to pull the curtain back on where I come from and how I got where I am today. More than likely, you’ll recognize some of your own experiences in my story. And as the show goes on, I would love to connect with you over on my  Instagram @ginadevee, because I want to hear from you on how I can continue showing up to be of high-service to you. I want to hear your lessons learned, big takeaways, and questions that you might have. I’ll also be inviting many amazing friends to join us like Cathy Heller, Amanda Bucci, and Gabby Bernstein, (and sooo many more powerful leaders!) who will share their own journeys. It’s all about Queens supporting Queens. 


An Ordinary Woman with a Big Dream

We all have a past, right?! I haven’t always been leading a global women’s empowerment movement. I’m a former psychotherapist — I have a Master’s degree in clinical psychology. I started this career because I was obsessed with helping people transform their lives. And seeing that I was $75,000 in debt and living with my parents at the age of 30 (#lord), I also needed a bit of transformation in my own life. 

I knew that I was destined to live the epic life, although my life at the time didn’t feel very epic at all. 

Divine Living Means Everything Comes Together

In the late 90s, you could either be spiritual and deep, or materialistic and shallow. Personally, I’ve loved spirituality and personal development and the deep meaningful subjects. But I also always had a flair for the finer things in life. I wanted to experience it all: the food, the lifestyle, the fashion, the travel. I wanted to thrive with other women who wanted the same. 

For me, that’s what divine living is all about. We no longer have to choose between abundance or spirituality, being in business or being connected to the wider Universe. You can have it all.

Divine Living is a place for us to have our big dreams in every area of our life.


My Career Journey

I was a psychotherapist for almost two years. I wanted to help people and I did it from a place of real richness, abundance, power, and passion. But in other areas of my life, there was real brokenness. There was a lack of any real development. 

My education was great. I was trained in Humanistic and Clinical Psychology, which is all about the client. And I grew up in a Christian household, so I’ve had a relationship with God my entire life. In my time as a psychotherapist, I could see that when I incorporated spirituality and psychology into my sessions, people experienced miraculous transformation. I understood that when we work with mind, body, and spirit, real healing can and will take place. 

This time in my life was illuminating and rewarding, but at the same time, I was living off of $24,000 a year, on top of my debt. My self-confidence was at an all-time low. I was approaching 30 and living with my parents in Detroit.

It was an interesting contrast. I had this thriving career where I was making a difference in other people’s lives, but then I would go home and watch Entertainment Tonight, wondering if that level of glamour was available for me too. I didn’t have many friends, or a boyfriend, or the means to do anything special. It was a very compartmentalized time in my life. I had to admit to myself that I wanted something more.


Making the First Big Move

“When the student is ready, the teacher appears.” You’ve heard that before, right? I had a chance to hear Tony Robbins speak about life coaching and human potential. That was the moment I realized everything was possible

Inspired by the realization that I CAN, in fact, have the big life I wanted, I wrapped up my life in Detroit and moved to California. I was determined to become a life coach. 

What I realized soon enough was that Tony Robbins was a life coach and an entrepreneur. I didn’t know anything about marketing, business, or making money. It was definitely a struggle at the beginning. You’ll laugh, but I begged people to do $25 life coaching sessions with me. But from where I am today, I know that when you don’t give up and you persevere, even when you don’t know how to get to where you want to be, the resources WILL show up. And especially when you add prayer into the mix. 

Along the way, I was led to mentor after mentor, who all helped me get to the next level. Other life coaches showed me how to create packages. I met internet marketing experts who helped me spread my message. Slowly but surely, clients started to come and I started to make more money. I started to have a life, and I became an industry leader. But how did all that really come together?


The One Decision that Changed My Life

When I had only $60 in my bank account, I sat down and I made the decision that I would never again struggle financially. I was so worried about not making money that I realized I had become self-obsessed. It was a boring, old story. My purpose was to give and contribute and be generous, but you can’t give what you don’t have. So I decided, my want would now become a must.

I’ve always wanted to make money, but I never made it a must before. That meant that I was unconsciously available for the struggle. 

When we wake up to our own willingness to struggle and when we become unavailable for that struggle; that’s when miraculous transformations take place. 

Everything that I’ve transformed in my life, had that shift happen


How Good Are You Willing to Let Life Get?

That was a little bit about my beginnings, but now I want to talk about you. I want you to know that all your hopes and dreams are meant for you. They weren’t placed in you just so you can watch other people manifest them. They are designed for you, and that’s what divine living is all about. Everything is happening for us, not to us. 

Even when not-so-great things happen, we can use those feelings to propel us into healing. We can transform them into greater love, confidence, and compassion. 

I’ve got so many clients and super successful friends that have created their identity around just working and success in terms of making money. It does cost a lot of money to be a Queen, so it’s great that you are working on your money-making abilities. 

But the question of your life, it’s a question of enjoying all areas of life. Everything from self-care to spiritual connection to your interests and just the pure joy of living. 

Divine living is about becoming confident, comfortable in your skin, and crystal clear on your purpose—it’s not just about divine working. 


The EPIC Life Is Meant for You

We’ve all been through a lot. Now, the challenge is to dream in really, really big ways. We need to play to win, not just play to avoid losing. Whatever your boldest fantasy is, God and Spirit in the Universe have so much more waiting for you. But we’ve got to do our part of opening up and saying YES. We need to be ready to RECEIVE. 

I want you to ask yourself: What is possible? What would happen if I did say yes, started my own podcast, wrote the book, launched the business, set up my online profile for dating again? What would happen if you really went for your biggest dreams in the biggest way? 

Just think about it. For now, let’s just focus on the next 90 days. Try and imagine the biggest vision you could dream of for the next 90 days. It doesn’t have to be practical, or probable, or realistic. 

If you could dream up the miracle, what would that look like? What would it feel like for you? 

Dare to dream, my dahlings, and let’s manifest our biggest dreams together!


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