There’s not a woman in the world, including myself, who sometimes doesn’t feel less-than-great. If I’m not staying in faith and working on my connection with God every day, I definitely feel a temptation to be anxious, to doubt myself, to become snappy. And on the entrepreneurial roller coaster, all these feelings, good and bad, they get amplified. As I always say, starting and running your business is the most powerful transformation vehicle there is. So, there’s a lot of deep work to do there and in this episode, we’ll do just that!

My dahling Queen, if you ever find yourself asking: “Why is this so hard? When will my time come? Will I ever reach my dreams? When will God give me a blessing?”, then this episode is a must-listen. 

Today I want to remove that pressure from you and talk about exactly how we can all get back on track. Let’s find a way to stay in the center, stay in our zone, and stay in truth, because, my dahling, truth is the only thing that will set us all free.

Key points discussed

  • Introduction and a short prayer (02:18)
  • All entrepreneurs start out with a dream (06:37)
  • God shouldn’t work this hard to get our attention (08:40)
  • Every woman gets her breakthrough when she needs it (10:26)
  • How I incorporate prayer into my business desires (13:15)
  • Your dreams are meant to pass (18:20)
  • When you’ve done what you can do to stand then stand (20:42)
  • The power of having narrow focus (22:24)
  • Your intuition can lead you out of your comfort zone (26:21)
  • Create the space you need to be effective (28:41)
  • Keep yourself nourished mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally (31:08)
  • You get to have support on your entrepreneurial journey (35:59)
  • Now is the time to jump to that next level (37:28)


Additional resources

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