The fact that this episode happened is just beyond my dreams. My guest today is the amazing, unstoppable, brilliant Real Talk Kim. She is the absolute Queen of encouragement and someone I turn to when I start fumbling in my faith. I owe this woman so much! She is a pastor at My Limitless Church in Georgia, she’s an author, she’s a miracle.

Real Talk Kim is someone who will make you fall in love with yourself. She will make you feel God’s love like no one else can. Queen, this conversation has been my dream for a while and I KNOW you will get so much out of it.

We discuss faith, scriptures, feminine power. Real Talk Kim explains why it’s so important to guard your heart and how to do it so you can serve more people with more love. She also talks about her own journey, why she wears Gucci in the pulpit, and how to be a fearless trailblazer. Tune in right now!

Kim believes we lose sight of who we truly are because of social media. Everyone is telling us who we’re supposed to be through a carefully selected highlights reel, but we need to rise above that. 

Women have so much inherent power. This power is unstoppable when we stop trying to fit into these societal molds. 

Kim went through a divorce after 18 years together. She remembers asking God to take her pain away. She felt like the biggest failure. But God told her he couldn’t. It didn’t work like that. She had to get up and walk away from the pain

You got to start looking at yourself as who I made you be. 

Kim grew up in a religious family, her dad was a pastor. But it was then, at 37, when she finally met God. He showed her there wasn’t anybody else out there who could be her. 

We get caught up in so many things that take our worthiness away. And we should always come back in prayer, always come back to the love God has for us. 

We have to get back to falling in love with ourselves, with our true selves, the ones that God created. 

You can’t listen to what your ex said about you. You can’t listen to what that old boss said about you. You can’t listen to the voices in your head that are trying to bring you down. Remember that rejection is God’s protection and pray to be bold, fearless, to be a trailblazer.


For the Woman Who Is Afraid to Dream Bigger… 

You have to start walking in your purpose. Then, you will no longer care about the haters, you will have no resentment for anyone. 

When you start serving and making other people’s lives better, you’ll see your biggest dreams come true in the background. 

When you’re helping someone else, then everything else just comes. It’s amazing. It’s finding your purpose and walking in your purpose and then everything else just explodes.


For the Woman Who Is Missing Her Purpose… 

Kim was 40 years old when she found her purpose. She went through her divorce and had to find a job working for barely the minimum wage. She didn’t like people and she was always complaining. All things considered, she was at rock bottom.

One day, something just clicked. She turned off the music and started listening to podcasts and mindset gurus. She started praying and life became a bit more exciting. Kim realized no one was going to hand her the life of her dreams. She had to get up and own her destiny.

As she started praying, she soon got a promotion. Now she was at the makeup stand at Bloomingdale’s, sitting in front of women, listening to their stories. She began to fall in love with people. Soon, she realized she was so madly in love she had to make it her business to love people back to life.

Wherever you are in your life right now, you need to remember there’s something inside you waiting to come out. Don’t ever settle. Don’t ever dim your light. Get that thing inside out.

What is your purpose? It’s the thing that when you talk about it, you light up. And it’s always, always connected to serving. It’s always connected to helping someone else. 

It all comes down to making up your mind. When you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired, don’t ignore that. Follow that feeling and it will take you to your purpose.


For the Woman Who Can’t Stop With the Comparitis…   

When Kim found her purpose, her life changed completely. She didn’t live in the past anymore. She didn’t feel the need to compare herself to other influencers or bloggers or authors. She just did what felt right for her.

How did she avoid comparitis? She paid attention to her heart. If she followed people who made her feel bad about herself, if their feeds were causing a struggle in her heart, she’d just unfollow or hide them. 

Guard your heart because out of it flows the issues of life. Sometimes you have to take a break and work on yourself. Let yourself get healed through feelings of love, not pettiness.


For the Woman Who Has Trouble Receiving Abundance… 

Kim was raised with no money and at 37, she couldn’t buy cheese with her credit. So, she started studying the great women of the Bible and she realized that God didn’t make us so we would struggle. 

If we can birth kids we can birth businesses. For Kim, that was a call to get creative. Today she can buy whatever she wants and help whoever she wants. It all comes from her steadfast determination to be a source of abundance and generosity. She wanted to be a trailblazer, she wanted to change the game for her whole family, for her whole church. 

Kim would always turn to God in her moments of doubt. She prayed for God to let her be a great entrepreneur, to bless everything she might touch. Kim does what the Bible says and He just keeps on pouring it!

Her advice to you is to just go for it. Failure isn’t when you fall, it’s when you stay down. Do it even if you’re afraid. You owe it to yourself.


Buy Your Bible in the Kid’s Section

Most Christians don’t find Kim “spiritual enough”. They say she needs to take her millions of followers and teach them the proper Bible.

Kim isn’t the one to do as others say. She takes about 10 scriptures and she preaches them because she understands the passion ingrained in those words. She preaches from what she can understand and she keeps it simple.

God deals with the heart. If your heart is ugly, it doesn’t matter how many scriptures you can quote. Kim deeply believes that Jesus is there to love you and her mission is to make people realize that. 

And if you’re just stepping into the world of faith, Kim advises to just Google what does God has to say about you. The answer is always love.

Kim’s favorite scripture is “Love thy neighbor as thyself”. She preaches kindness, love, meekness, gentleness, passion. These are the scriptures that make you better, that make you want to serve, that make you want to take your grocery cart back. 

The enemy wants to get you confused with the Bible so you throw the whole thing away. If the Bible that speaks to you is the kid’s version, then embrace it and take in all the God’s love that you can.


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