This week, I had the best interview with the great Susie Moore, a former business mogul turned life coach and bestselling author. We discussed all the big things her work revolves around: how to gain confidence, choose the story you tell yourself, and stop checking your likes. 

Susie also shared the experience of showing up as herself on Oprah, Today Show, Business Insider, and countless other big talk shows. But the big, big news? Susie’s new bestselling book, “Stop Checking Your Likes.”

In this book, Susie shares heartfelt stories and advice to help you shake off the need for approval and live your best life. And if you think that’s great, keep on reading because this blog is all about the gems she shared with me during our fantastic conversation!

How Susie Owned Her Past


From the beginning of our interview, Susie decided to be candid with me. And that meant diving into her past, which she talks about extensively in her new book.

Susie grew up in the UK, with her Polish mom and her English dad. They moved around a lot during her childhood. Why? Her father was an abusive alcoholic, and her mother did everything to stay away from him. This meant never living in the same place for too long. 

Her home life was marked by domestic violence, fear, and the sense of insecurity many children from abusive homes learn to live with. When she turned 18, Susie moved to Australia, met someone, and got married. Later, she was divorced, and she met someone else – her now-husband. Together, they moved to the US.

Susie had a hard childhood. But, she doesn’t let this reality deter her, and that’s the magic of Susie Moore.

To her, life is full of different experiences, good or bad. And what matters isn’t how they impact you, but how you react to it. What interpretation you take out of it. She came out stronger from it because she always chose to see the blessings in everything that’s happened to her.

She didn’t let her past hold her back, and that’s what makes her a Queen. She told her story because not only she wanted to, but she saw it as a service to other women. 


How Is Susie Helping Others


Being a life coach, Susie defines her superpower as her ability to help people understand their limitations. Once they recognize that, they can learn to become more confident in all areas of their lives, from professional to romantic.

Susie wants to teach others how to thrive by learning how to live a freedom-based joyous life. She wants people to know that judgment of others is in no way a reflection of their character. It’s OK to share embarrassing stories about themselves—people will judge either way, so you might as well stay true to yourself. 


What Defines Confidence?


Publishing her latest book wasn’t the most straightforward task for Susie. She had to lay down her story, talk about difficult things that happened to her, even when it was too painful. But she did it all because she had the confidence to keep blazing the trail for Queens to come.

I was curious about that, so I asked her what she thought confidence was. She said that she defined confidence differently from others. 

Sure, a confident person might be someone who excels at public speaking, someone who seems to have it together, or someone who’s just really good at their job. However, to Susie, confidence is all about the willingness to be uncomfortable. 

It’s about the willingness to get out of your comfort zone, do new things, make mistakes, and be judged. If you can do this without being fazed, then you’ve mastered the art of confidence! In the end, everything is temporary, so don’t take it too seriously!


Why Did Susie Write Her Book?


After years of working with different people, learning, and asking questions, Susie realized that human beings are resilient. We can survive poverty, illness, and even the loss of a loved one. However, many of us always worry about how others perceive us. People’s judgment of us is our Achilles’ heel.

Many give people’s opinions so much power over them, even when it’s just an illusion. I mean, how many times do you go out just to look at people and criticize them? I bet it’s not a lot! We’re not obsessed with others, and vice-versa. 

And this is precisely why Susie wrote the book. It is not just to remind us of this, but also to study how much of this power is an illusion and how we can get over other people’s judgments. 

Her primary purpose is to teach people how to take everything a little less seriously, view life from a lighter perspective, and most importantly, be kinder to themselves. 

However you think of it, your biggest critic is always that little voice in your head. It’s there criticizing your body, your work, your relationships. It’s questioning your worth, and just like Susie, you can decide not to let it win. 


How to Share Your Story Using the Media


When my book first came out, I hired a publicist to get it out to the world. This meant I had to go on TV and talk about it, and after a while, I had done at least twenty morning shows. Little by little, though, I found myself dreading it. But then, I discovered the power of podcasts. I loved doing podcasts, and they became my media of choice.

However, Susie had a different experience. She also found the TV format limited and restrictive, but instead of turning to podcasts, she preferred writing articles. To her, nothing can move the person like the written word. 

In the end, the secret to sharing her story wasn’t a genius publicist or thousands of dollars dropped on marketing material. It was love. It was choosing the right media by going for something she loved. She enjoys writing, and so, she decided that would be her preferred method.


Susie’s Big Plan for 2021


With 2020 came the pandemic, and that meant change. Susie embraced that change with all her heart and decided to do the same in 2021.

With the beginning of this new decade, she’s working on her next book. She’s broadening her audience by going back to the media. Her goal is to share her message with as many people as possible. 

She’s pushing herself to always be out there, to do more, be more, be more creative, create space for more ideas, and she’s doing all of this by following her heart!


Additional resources

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