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This week’s episode of Divine Living is an interview with the AMAZING Dr. Erin Haskell, and I’m so excited for you to get to know her!!

Dr. Erin Haskell is a dear friend of mine, and she is all things divine. Not only is she a doctor of divinity, but she’s also an entrepreneur, a TV host, a top-rated podcaster, an international best-selling author, AND a mom.

Erin is living an amazingly spiritual life. But she also doesn’t say no to abundance, because, as I said in an earlier episode, we deserve BOTH!

So, if you want to learn more about Dr. Erin Haskell and her journey, tune in now!

The Tidal Wave and the Truth About Money

Lately, I’ve been reading a Joel Osteen book, and in it, he talks about how God shows up un abundance, like a flood. It’s not a trickle, it’s not a stream, and it’s not even a river. It’s a flood, a tidal wave.

To Erin, this is more accurate than ever. She wasn’t always this successful. No, she started as a single mom waiting tables, unable to put enough food on the table. And when she started her spirituality career, a lot of it didn’t change. 

For years, she worked for free, and she had times when she questioned everything. What am I doing? Should I just give up? Is it ever going to happen for me? All these doubts would flood her, but she didn’t let them bring her down.

As she says in today’s interview, it’s not easy. If it were, everybody would be doing it. We have to remember that we are powerful. All we need to do is have faith. But I’s not about believing in something external, no. It’s about believing that whatever you hold in consciousness has to be demonstrated in this world. 

This means that the real work has to be done inside. It’s about working on your mind, living in faith, and never succumbing to anything in this world. As Erin says, 99% of the work is in consciousness. 

We’re here to be developed in our consciousness. So, ask yourself, how bad do you want it? What is your heart burning for? What do you desire? What are you willing to do without income? Because if you don’t love it without income, you’re not going to love it with income.

The truth is that money only enhances what you have. It enhances your strengths and weaknesses. So, whatever you truly have a burning desire for, you should do! 

Hard Work Brings Abundance

Erin has friends who have won Grammy Awards, and when she asked them about their secret to success, all of them had the same answer – hard work. Showing up, every single day. 

Yes, you should manifest, but you should also work for it. Erin’s Grammy-winning friends did hundreds of shows a year. They took every opportunity to do radio shows everywhere they were. They did everything they could to get their music out there.

So, yes, it’s not just about luck. It’s also about working hard, and believing in your own consciousness. That’s what brings abundance. 

Trauma Work

Erin, as she says, was completely bankrupt. And she doesn’t mean just financially. But emotionally and spiritually as well. So, she decided to work on discovering the truth.

Going on that mission of self-knowledge helped her make it to where she is today. What does she dedicate her success to? Is it meditation? Is it yoga? Sure, those help, but the most transformational thing she did was awakening her trauma. 

Doing trauma work helped neutralize her emotional trauma. It helped release limiting beliefs she had within her and allowed her to fully express her truth. 

So, to Erin, trauma work is the most important thing to release negative beliefs and achieve success. Yes, you can strive to be a multimillionaire or a successful public figure, but if you don’t deal with the self-sabotage that comes with trauma, then you’re not going to make it.

About Soulciete

Soulciete is Erin’s business. Their mission is to awaken a billion people together. They’re the number one spiritual coaching community in the country.

What do they do exactly? Simply put, they train and develop spiritual entrepreneurs. They certify spiritual coaches in the modalities of metaphysics and universal law. They also train their coaches in the trauma method and all the subconscious reprogramming protocols they offer.

Plus, great news, they’re about to launch their first Doctor of Divinity program with the Emerson Theological Institute! Pretty exciting, right?

What’s their goal? Erin says it’s to develop the most doctors of divinity in the world. We love an ambitious queen!

Want to learn more about Erin’s work? Listen to the whole interview now!

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